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Name & Description Owner Forum Type Posts Members
☼☼Anarquía Total☼☼ Astaroshe Private 63,152 282
The Romanian Guild evil demon 27 Private 3,326 127
The Japanese Guild

Tags: Learning, Japanese

Vincent Valentine-Jenova Public 1,846 328
I'm Random. You're Random. Lets Hug. Ashley lion Public 3,237 203
The German Language Guild

Learn, strengthen, or practice your knowledge of the German Language with other people learning or fluent in German.

Tags: German, Language, Grammar, Chat, Discussion

Kitaboy Private 1,214 59
Japanese Studies

For those who not only want to learn the language, but share in its culture.

Tags: Japan, Japanese, Culture, Anime, Manga

OmniaVanitus Private 131 73
Language Exchange

Learn and teach languages for other people.

Tags: Language, Exchange, Foreign

SatyrX Public 174 64
日本語はなす! A Japanese-Speaking Guild

A guild in which Japanese natives/students can speak Japanese.

Tags: Japanese, Language, Practice

GabrielleClearwater Private 73 18
Learning Tagalog!

A Language from the Philippines!

Tags: Tagalog, Learn, Philippines, Pinay, Pinoy

ZCDA Public 16 21
Language Learning Library

A place to study and practice foreign language!

Tags: French, Spanish, Japanese, German, Russian

x Raphael Private 4 1
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