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Suomi Kilta - Det Finska Gillet - The Finnish Guild Wicked Private 21,177 556
おはようございます!!! A Japanese Learning Guild~ Open!

This is a guild where you learn and teach Japanese! There's roleplays, lessons, contests and more!This is also for people who love japan !

Tags: Japanese, learning, teaching, roleplays

iBrBz Public 3,046 1,889
The Swedish Club//Svenska klubben

For Swedes, people who speak/are learning Swedish, and fans of all things Swedish. :D

Tags: Swedish, Svenska, Sverige, Sweden, Language

Mary Tyler Moore Private 468 47
Happy German Tsurugi no Okami Private 8,833 137
German Class MissRein Public 51 20
中文 / 汉语 International Asian Language Guild 日本語

学习中文 Learn Chinese, Tagalog Japanese and more eventually!! already know it? converse with others who do too or hang out, rp and more!!

Tags: Chinese, Japanese, Tagalog, Asian, foreign language

Solace Vendamant Public 2,102 211
Let's Practice Japanese!

This group is for everyone who wants to learn, practice, or teach Japanese conversation!

Tags: Japanese, Japan, Manga, Video Games, Anime

alteregoivy Public 781 312
日本 Learn Japanese! 日本

This is where you can learn and build your skills on the Japanese language!

Tags: japan, language, hiragana, learn, anime

Rizzi Chan Public 173 49
International Chat Room!

Chat all around the world to each other, No matter what language.

Tags: Language, International, race, chat, talk

High Off illest Public 1 4
~~~Viet Pride~~~

This guild is mainly to group together all of the Vietnamese people of Gaia, to create a community.

Tags: Vietnamese, Viet, Asian, Group, Communtiy

teaspire Private 18 14
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