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Suomi Kilta - Det Finska Gillet - The Finnish Guild Wicked Private 21,177 556
German Class MissRein Public 51 20
中文 / 汉语 International Asian Language Guild 日本語

学习中文 Learn Chinese, Tagalog Japanese and more eventually!! already know it? converse with others who do too or hang out, rp and more!!

Tags: Chinese, Japanese, Tagalog, Asian, foreign language

Solace Vendamant Public 2,102 211
おはようございます!!! A Japanese Learning Guild~ Open!

This is a guild where you learn and teach Japanese! There's roleplays, lessons, contests and more!This is also for people who love japan !

Tags: Japanese, learning, teaching, roleplays

iBrBz Public 3,046 1,890
The Swedish Club//Svenska klubben

For Swedes, people who speak/are learning Swedish, and fans of all things Swedish. :D

Tags: Swedish, Svenska, Sverige, Sweden, Language

Mary Tyler Moore Private 468 47
Happy German Tsurugi no Okami Private 8,833 137
Let's Practice Japanese!

This group is for everyone who wants to learn, practice, or teach Japanese conversation!

Tags: Japanese, Japan, Manga, Video Games, Anime

alteregoivy Public 781 312
日本 Learn Japanese! 日本

This is where you can learn and build your skills on the Japanese language!

Tags: japan, language, hiragana, learn, anime

Rizzi Chan Public 173 49
The Malay Society ™

Awesomeness is everywhere . Malay is anywhere .

Tags: Malays, Awesome, Singaporeans, Malaysians, Ayam

Ugh Deana Public 540 88
International Chat Room!

Chat all around the world to each other, No matter what language.

Tags: Language, International, race, chat, talk

High Off illest Public 1 4
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