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Gaiaonline Philippines

Gaiaonline is already here in the Philippines.

Tags: Philippines, Gaiaonline, Pinoy, Pinas, Pinay

ll PlNK ll Public 3,204 579
Japanese Academy

A virtual classroom where beginners can learn to read and write Japanese. New students welcome!

Tags: Japanese, Academy, Japan, Learn, School

Starry Starry Fright Public 2,023 416
Little Gaia's Italy

Gilda per tutti gli italiani qui su gaia

Tags: italia, italian, italy

Tyron Deepnight Public 6,971 176
The Sfat Hakodesh Guild Tachi Private 13,498 99
Casal català de Gaia

Tags: zOMG!

dracdargent Public 2,128 35
Foreign Language School of Gaia

We are a school, where you can learn or teach languages. The lessons are mostly free. We teach more, than 30 languages. Games included.

Tags: language, learning, chinese mandarin, free lessons, games

Trey Shen Public 655 195
O Café da Betesga

Guild Lusitana, onde TODOS são bem-vindos! :)

Tags: portugal, portugueses, lusitania, lisboa, porto

Yumi Tsukishiro Public 3,511 83
lacking korean? JOIN HERE FOR DUMMIES :D

korean speaking guild for those dummies

Tags: korean, learn, dummies, asian, smart

EcHO n kiMChi Public 98 128

Romanijin users home guild...

Tags: Romania, Anime, Guilda, zomg, romani

xRoronoa Zoro Public 115 31
The Pffters

All members of this guild have the right to pffft and to customise their own pffft.

Tags: pfft, Orlando, Skyler, love, sexy

Iesbian_sIut Public 6 3
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