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The Alliance of the Overseers

One Big Force, to have the Best of the Best, specialized for the battlefield.

CJx187 Private 130 22
Legionne: Descent into Darkness

an Angels/Demons post-Apocalypse roleplay

Tags: Angel, Demon, Apocalyspe, Role play, Warfare

Heavens Darkest Angel Public 2,609 12
The Hyde Building

An unsettlingly quiet building located on the outskirts of society. It is the home of a reclusive stranger.

Tags: Detective, Home, Business, Gaia, Roleplay

SwordsmanChris Public 273 1
German's Curse

Old RP Guild

Lord Angel_of_Heaven Public 3,150 64
Gaian Swat Force (Recruiting!!)

Tags: swat, gaia, gaianswatforce, swatforce, military

Lt McCloud Private 3,737 1,187
Sep 27 2009 CaptainKillbot Private 149 2
BlUe RaG SiDe CoNnEcTTiOn

The Official Blue Rag Side Connection Gand.No Hoodhoppers allowed!

Tags: Crip, blue rags, surenos, bloods killas, norputas killas

BRAY7O2 Public 77 57

Come on down and become a frosty with people bumping and grabbing!

Tags: money, coins, frosty, booty, tanks

ii_crazy panda_ii Public 467 148
The Kombat Kings

Guild has everything you need. Need gold? Expensive items? Nothing is beyond your reach when you join.

Tags: Kings, Combat, Free Gold, Gold, Cool

Lord Honor Public 8 16
The Cross Worlds

The Cross Worlds

Tags: Role-Play, Family, Kingdoms, Military, The Cross Worlds

Aaron Von Daemon Public 4 3
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