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Gaian Swat Force (Recruiting!!)

Tags: swat, gaia, gaianswatforce, swatforce, military

Lt McCloud Private 3,737 1,187

Come on down and become a frosty with people bumping and grabbing!

Tags: money, coins, frosty, booty, tanks

ii_crazy panda_ii Public 467 148
Brotherhood to Darkness

A war of good vs evil has broken out on Earth. Can the Brotherhood of Darkness save the day?

Tags: Brotherhood of Darkness, Darkness, Brotherhood, military, roleplaying

Kimbley of Chaos Public 28 21
Legionne: Descent into Darkness

an Angels/Demons post-Apocalypse roleplay

Tags: Angel, Demon, Apocalyspe, Role play, Warfare

Heavens Darkest Angel Public 2,609 12
Overwatch PSS - Private Military Contractors

A private security/military company

Tags: PMCs, Military, Army, Roleplay, Clan

JACKxRAWR Public 14 11
Sep 27 2009 CaptainKillbot Private 149 2
BlUe RaG SiDe CoNnEcTTiOn

The Official Blue Rag Side Connection Gand.No Hoodhoppers allowed!

Tags: Crip, blue rags, surenos, bloods killas, norputas killas

BRAY7O2 Public 77 57
The Alliance of the Overseers

One Big Force, to have the Best of the Best, specialized for the battlefield.

CJx187 Private 130 22
The Blue Nation

We are Blue. Ice, water, air. We fight Red, fire, lava, demons. We are the angels and natural soul beings on the planet. Fight, or die well.

Tags: Blue, Angel, Animal, Fight, Love

xAzurexAngelx Public 10 6
The Cross Worlds

The Cross Worlds

Tags: Role-Play, Family, Kingdoms, Military, The Cross Worlds

Aaron Michael von Daemon Public 4 3
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