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C.O.B.R.A.- Special Forces

"Libertatem non Vile"- "Freedom isn't Free"

Tags: Cobra, Mercenary, Venom, Special, Forces

Suicidesoldier#1 Private 52 3

This a BLU Lifestyle. Whether u a sureno or a crip we down with you. Even if you're asian. Just be a G with a BLUE

Tags: sur13, crips, blue, homies, family

13th sureno xiii Private 62 27
Legion Of Anon

We are Legions

Tags: Anon, Anonymous, Legion, Unforgettable, Warriors

DBB - G Public 9 10
Animal Legion

We will rise and take back what is ours

Tags: Legion, Army, Squad, Rebels, Animals

Wiafu Public 4 5
Neo Doctors Army

This is a group based on helping the doctor and his friends, (fandom crossovers welcome)

Tags: Dotor who, role play, Army, superwholock, torchwood

the man of many names Public 85 14
V.A.G.I.N.A (Veil Assault Gunners In North America)

Come Join the party!!!!

Tags: Freedom, Violence, Gunners, Assault, Join the party

Qwief Private 89 36
Ñeta Crime Family

Be A Savage, Be Orignal No Fakes Allowed, Hispanic & Black Alliance

Tags: Violate Crews, Gain Fame, Gain Gold, Gain Reputation, Gain Respect

FHKD Public 11 7

infect everyone...join us

BACKBONE and BLOOD Public 32 14
Oh Hail Godfather !

This is a guild to praise our lord godfather

Tags: godfather, preach, hail, praise, protect

-l- 2nd Sucks -l- Public 5 8
Gaia Underground: Mafia Guild

High rollers or commoners, both rule Gaia with contacts and connections.

Tags: Mafia, Gang, Underground, Organization, Roleplay

Vinnie Vodka Private 3 1
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