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The Zurg Hive

We are a band of Zurgs left on Gaia. It is our mission to preserve the culture of the Zurg. Join us and help us make Gaia a Zurglier place!

Tags: Zurg, Hive, alien, plot, army

GuardianAmy Private 112,152 27
The Gaian Marine Corps


Captain Leingod Private 6,088 8
C.O.G. GEARs (The Coalition of Ordered Governments)

Brothers till the end.

Tags: soldiers, Gears of war, elte, military, Roleplay

Prince Ayperos Hellbond Private 782 201
U.S. Army 75th Ranger Regiment

U.S. Army Rangers

Tags: U.S. Army, Rangers, Military, Combat, Survivalism

Blade of the West Public 10 23
Claw-Fang Alliance

The Claw-Fangs are made up of creatures with Natural weaponry ... Claws and Fangs. We hate anything Feline ... Cats ... Tigers ...

Tags: Furry, ClawFang, Alliance, Knight, RolePlay

Etna Midnight Private 2 1
The Organisation ...R.i.c.h.e.s... Private 3,987 16
ιlι Z-1 ʟιмιтєᴅ ιlι

Facilitators and active private combatants

Tags: Military, Warfare, Private Military, Exo-Suits, Futuristic

Draco Starr Private 2 3
The Black King's Kingdom

A collections of followers of the Black King.

Tags: Black King, Kingdom, Followers, Roleplay

Chaos lXl Private 144 13
the 1024 guild

you must put 1024 in your name to join

Tags: TOUGH, X 1024, BROWN, taking over, sureno

masterofdisaster1024 Private 16 7
The Smexi Army Animals

Army Animals

Tags: Cuddle, Hunt, Follow, Stick together, Take over the world

Licit Libra Public 29 48
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