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Black Templars: The Latrocinium Alucard von Dracali Private 14,045 14
Novus Military Guilds

A guild that seeks to increase military knowledge through an interactive and entertaining roleplay for all interested.

Tags: Air Force, Army, Military, Flying, Roleplay

samuel weston Public 17,500 17
UAF (United Armed Forces)

Place for Military RPers.

Tags: armed, Forces, United, Roleplay, Military

Destroyer Bloodraven Private 236 2
1-1ID alpha Company

This is a role play guild for people who like combat and zombies

Tags: Military, Roleplay, Survival, Apocolypse

Corinthius Public 22 2
Empty ......


PraiseMeh Private 3 2
Gaian RPG Pact

For the Gaians. By the Gaians.

Tags: pact, creed, laws, rpging, Zephrman

TDA Zephrman Public 18 8
sNooPz killas

for those who hate snoopz

Tags: homies, hatin on snoopz, snoopz is fake, united in proving snoopz fake, fighting

DIAMOND-XIII_SSC Private 139 60
The Red Star

This is Mercenary guild. Made for Role playing.

Tags: USSR, Military, Army, Mercenary

xXMr-LionXx Public 20 9
UNSC: United Nations Space Command

Welcome to the UNSC new Recruit. Your duty is to protect the weak and help any fellow Gaians in the world.

Tags: UNSC, Military, Army, Soldier

Kyoume Shigrai Private 1 1
Italian Mafia Members

This is the real Mafia, the aim is help and support each other in quests and a lot other things.

Tags: Mafia, Italian, Help, Donate, quest

Matioski Private 10 5
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