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Guild Waiting too be deleted

Delete This Guild gaia

Tags: Delete, Thiss, Guild, Gaiaa, Online

kenchin-kun Public 6 26
German's Curse

Old RP Guild

Lord Angel_of_Heaven Public 3,151 63
kyū・ten 九天 - Clan

"kyū•ten ichiryū - school of nine heavens"

Tags: ninja, shinobi, samurai, ronin, martial arts

Xephrow Private 112 71
◘ U.S. Army ◘

This guild is for soldiers and future soldiers only.

Tags: army, ranger, airborne, air assault, america

lumpyourspace Private 82 2
The Pink Army

We are the Pink army of Gaia

Tags: Pink, Army, Epicness

Enigmatic Malady Public 162 29
Smexi Army Animals and Humans

Animals and Humans

Tags: Cuddle, Hunt, Play with guns, Make plans, Take over the world

-CinnamonKitteh- Public 29 46

For animals

Tags: Animals, Gaia, Military, Army, Trade


Furry Agents Against Nefarious Guilds

Tags: mercenaries, roleplay, warfare, animal

MCSuire Public 1 2
Foundation Clan

Curently Recruting, ! .

Tags: Family, Foundation, Gaia, Army, Leaders

JesseTheTeddy Public 8 8
[KI] Shutdown 016


Origin Vamraak Private 2 1
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