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Gaian Marines

Tags: Marines, Army, Military, Role Playing

Darth-Chris Public 1,068 33
The rise of the halo Legion

Join us to Start rebuilding what was lost

Tags: The Fallen

SedativeSea6855 Public 11 1
G.A.O.G (Grunny Army of Gaia)

A Small but vicious army of green mutant rabbits.

Tags: Grunny, Raids, Army, Sexy, Monkeys?

Lord Dunraven Public 106 31
~-Third Reich-~

A direct military force of the ELITE Schutzstaffel.

Tags: German, Nazi, Army, Military, Reich

l Lones l Private 14 16
Towns Grunny Guild

Gaia's Supreme Elite Force of Grunnies

Tags: Gaia, Towns, Army, Grunny, World

Actmin Public 32 18
i am not gay

envy adams please leave this is not any of your concerns

Tags: Leonardo DiCaprio, rage memes XD, newspaper, Justin Bieber, memes

a trapped boy Public 33 8
Clowns Minion Army

Tags: Clowns, Military, Army, Minions, Servants

Abstracted King of Clowns Public 23 14
S.P.C.I- Supernatural Pest Control Inc.

Proudly defending humanity from the ethereal

Tags: Role Play, Evolved Tech, Military

SPCI- Commander Hunt Private 5 1
G.I. Joe vs. Cobra Command

The war has contiued for years now it's your time to choose a side and fight for what you believe.

Tags: G.I. Joe, Army, Cobra

Cpt Killian Jones Public 7 5
Shark army brah


Tags: Shark, Jaws, Bigger jaws, Mega jaws, Star power jaws

Dinoslikemeth Public 5 12
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