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The United Gaian Military Forces

As the oldest, largest, and most well established Military guild on Gaia, the UGMF is always seeking skilled new recruits for battle!

Tags: Army, Military, Battle, Roleplay, Realism

Sim_Cat Private 374,965 1,520
The Armory

Tags: Armory, Weapons, Vehicles, Armor, Army

Suicidesoldier#1 Private 2,558 56
Gaia Online Police Department (GOPD)

This police department is only the best of the best keeping Gaiaonline safe from all criminals. You do need the required uniform to join.

Tags: GOPD, Police, Department, Cops, the law

Specter Alpha Public 1,469 96
Time Warp.

An area where all soldiers from the past, the present, and the future appear when they go MIA.

Tags: resident evil, black ops, nazi zombies, infection, apocalypse

Assassin Vet Public 71 8

For animals

Tags: Animals, Gaia, Military, Army

Siempre Amore Private 3 1
The Righteous Legion

The futuristic protectors of our homes

Tags: military, roleplay, righteous, legion, kingdom

LCDR Polaris Alpha Private 2 1
mercenary's and assassin's

contract killers

king sombra1 Public 7 18
~Kingdom of DT~

Praise And Serve your King

Tags: Serve, andd, Woreship, King, Domic

Domictrixz Public 5 24
Xenos Corps

Military Corps

LCDR Polaris Alpha Private 16 6
The Royal Guard Of The Crown

The Royal Guard Of The Crown

Tags: Crown, Royal, crown royal, the haus of gambino, military

Ace Of Crown Royal Private 6 4
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