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The Armory

Tags: Armory, Weapons, Vehicles, Armor, Army

Suicidesoldier#1 Private 3,215 86
United Manokan Naval Command

The Manokan Military, where we ceaselessly seek to defend our country.

Tags: Army, Infantry, Combat, Industry, Battle

Suicidesoldier#1 Private 6,609 634
Black Blood Empire

The darkness has awoken, soon all will belong to it

Tags: Kitsunes, Vampires, Lycans, Elves, Empire

xxCloud21xx Public 320 4,294,967,284

Rise of the Fallen Pinoys \m/_ (^o^) _\m/

Tags: Virtual Hollywood, Philippines, Walang Boss Dito, Family, Hangout

Mingtarded Private 2,662 376
Aekea State Police Department

"Summoned To Protect & Serve"

Tags: A.S.P.D., Aekea Police, Law Enforcement

Mason Clark - BHFD Private 31 5
Dark Duo

We destroy all who oppose.

Catastrophic Chris Public 3 4
Brams Bones' Hidden Cove

A Charity/RP/hangout location

Tags: Charity, Giveaway, Hangout, Dinosaurs, PlanetEaters

Bram_Bones Private 7,024 69
Big Black Dick

Line players who are gay.

Tags: faggots, queers, homosexual, trolls, line play

myungpoop Public 2 5
Foundation Brotherhood

We are the Foundation Clan ' Members united as a brotherhood to Rise but Never Fall.

Tags: Foundation, Brotherhood, Rise, Community, Charity

Ninetys Yuki Public 11 11
Gaian Recruitment Officer's Training Corps


Tags: Army/Marines/Navy, Ranking, Real-World Based, ROTC, Roleplay

CWOA Leonardo Hans Public 3 2
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