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The Libertarian Guild High_Assassin Private 2,570 300
Spontaneous Order

A guild for libertarian political discussion.

Tags: libertarianism, liberalism, politics, economics, liberty

Less Than Liz Public 1,767 73
Thee Awesome Guild

and then there were the awesome_

Tags: awesome, cool, amazing, super, rare

kqti Public 3,703 21
The Daily Rant (A Conservative hangout)

A guild for Conservatives to rant their heart out!

Tags: Conservative, Rant, Republican, Hangout

Imagined Envy Public 78 14
The White House


Swole Penisx Public 14 2
Gaians have a Right: A protesting Guild to Gaias Admins

Protest against the Gaias Admins on what we don't think is Right.

Tags: Money, Rights, Voting, Agreeing, Disagreeing

OMG LMNOP Public 24 8
Pokemon and Gaia bank

talking about pokemon and other things all gold will be given back to all who gives gold for holding on to

yuki12345619 Public 5 4
The Gaian Anti-Consumerist Guild


Tags: anti-consumerism, buy nothing, waste less, situationism, simple living

Silentnakedunbalanced Public 8 1
TekTek ME And Vote


Ally Anime-San Public 27 18
The Best Taco

Everyone Is A Piece Of The taco

Tags: Tacos, Otaku, Friendly, Anime, Awesome

Isane Osakan girl Public 5 8
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