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The Official Anti-SOPA Censoring Alliance

SOPA is a huge problem ,both in Gaia, Facebook,and other social sites. Want to save the sites you love? Join Now!!

Tags: SOPA, Censoring, Save Gaia, PIPA, Internet

Crystal Aurora Nights Public 26 10
ED Politics Regulars

An apolitical guild where ED Politics regulars can [strike]socialize[/strike] privatize.

Tags: Politics, Conservative, Liberal, Libertarian, Socialist

Less Than Liz Public 7,327 163
The Gaian Communist Party The Leninator! Private 4,757 162
The Republican Guild of Gaia [A Big Tent Republican Guild]

A Political-Debate Guild Aimed at Republican Users.

Tags: republican, conservative, debate, politics, moderate

Lord Bitememan Private 4,258 315
anti-commnism guild

anticommies unite!

Tags: anti communists, anti fascist, democracy

xXBad SacraficeXx Public 20 5
The True Fallen

The one truth.

Tags: true, family, fallen, respect, truth

Red Phoenix666 Private 1,511 27
Gaian Detective Academy

Protect The World of Gaia..

Tags: Detective, Academy, Gaia, Investigation, Political

iShiit Public 11 11
zOMGgaians unite!

zomg time

Tags: monsters, fight, gold, null, server

Vanilan Public 14 14
The Kawaii Cult of Evil Spagetti Desu~~~

Stalkers and followers of Evil Spagetti.(mostly stalkers)

Atra-Vindamiatrix Public 18 10

Secret Guild for kitties

Tags: prommie, cats, illuminati, owned, lanzer

mald Private 66 15
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