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Name & Description Owner Forum Type Posts Members
The Anti Political Correctness Guild Elyasis Private 7,523 25
The Union of National Guilds. Invictus_88 Private 725 15

トロールフォート SkyFortress on Everclear

Tags: soulbond, self-loathing, egypt, literally anubis irl, the cure

dtcomix Public 25 7

insanity's fun

Tags: Homicidal, schizophrenic, knives, personalities, insanity

gasman128 Public 16 14

HQ for the United Gaian Nazi Guilds.

Tags: Nazi, heil hitler, hitler, nationalist socialist

AryanWrath Private 397 26
The Round Table

debation, government, life, race, ect.

Tags: politics, debate, anti-noob, educated, round table

Panda Impaler Public 201 23
♔The Royal Kingdom of Gaia♔

Tags: Royalty, King, Kingdom, Prime Minister, Leader of the Opposition

General shadow1912 Private 562 3
The People's Voice

Guild where Gaian's voices are heard on current political topics.

Tags: we are the 99%, Occupy, anonymous, SOPA, voice

VoicingReason Public 8 6
Black Yakuza

Come join the mafia

Tags: Racing, Mafia

l electro Kid l Public 11 19
Syndicalist Federation

Leftist, Centre Left, anti-authoritarian

Tags: Leftist, Anarchist, Syndicalist

Raginmund Brigir Public 1 1
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