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This club is for people I can actually tolerate.

Tags: GDdd, Jorghetto, The Club

JORDIEE B Private 1,338 121

The Gaian representatives of the great Crustasian Legion reside here

Tags: Crustasia, Foriegn, Country, Invade, Satire

Lord Goma Public 6 5
Gaia's United League of Anarchists Guild AnarchoAdmin Private 9,179 344
6400 Goon Camp Mafia Cripz

The realiest guild for real crip niggaz only

Tags: Cripz, Gangstaz, Killaz, Gorillaz, Dopeboyz

King Soulja_THB_ABN_98s Public 16 29
The Axis Powers

Go ahead, call the Allies- they can't unpillage you.

Tags: Axis, Germany, Japan, Italy, Facism

Der gute Kamerad Public 159 18
Dont worry about it

Tags: Police, Crime, Enforcement, Justice, Management

K Pina Private 31 3

Discuss and create an ideal aristocratic society. Roleplay within the aristocratic nation of Aristokratía. "And much, much more!"

Tags: Aristokratia, Aristokratía, aristocracy, society, roleplay

Sir Azrael the Philo King Private 20 5
The Ramen Gang

We do what we want!

Tags: ramen, gang, food, free, group

Jakari Oshino Private 3 4
Gaia Noob Awesomeness

we haev cookeh

Tags: noob, poor, dragon, gold, potato

DON DON ME Public 6 4
Market Trends

Market Trends, Marketplace, Trading, Earning Gold

Tags: Market, Trends

GeeGeed Private 6 1
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