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GGG: Going Green Guild

Go, Green. Go.

Tags: Going Green, Awesome, Green, Earth, Staying Clean

General shadow1912 Private 117 34

Fascists to better the world.

Tags: Roleplaying, Fascist Government, Logical, Political, Independant

Pregnant Platypus Public 974 4
The American Resistance

The American Resistance Guild

Tags: America, Obama, Political, World, Order

yaywatermelons Private 144 9
~The Truth~ New World Order (under construction)

Tags: new world order, barack obama, end game, world, conspiracy

DemoZero23 Public 115 2
Niggas Club Inc.

Mostly for CB but nonetheless the all-around Gaia Nigga-Club

Tags: Niggas, Chatterbox, Club, Clique, Black

luuzr Public 123 17
CB Elite

Go fuck yourself.

Tags: Elite, Regs, Chatterbox, TnTease

TnTease Private 536 43
What Tomorrow Brings

A guild for all those concerned about the future of our world

Tags: Future, Environment, Society, Opinions, Activism

Esselean Private 97 15
Z Corporation

At Z Corporation the motto "At work for a better life, a better world for all" is the basis for our business activities

Tags: role playing, busniess, Corporation

Zerragi Tsubouchi Public 3 6

This group is for stoners that love to smoke up and get baked. And it's for life dedicated stoners for life.

Tags: Weed, Cannabis, Stoners, Legalization, Legalize

Topacka Public 2 12
Interim GNG

Did you flee from argentina? It's time to rebuild.

Derseren Public 2 3
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