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Truth Seekers - Truthers.

truth, toxins, chemtrails, illuminati, new world order, conspiracy theory, fluoride, world government, GMO, vaccines, microchipping, zionism

Tags: truth seeker, conspiracy theory, truther, aliens, 2012, DMT, microchip, illuminati, new world order, alex jones, infowars, vaccines, depopulation, antichrist, god, chemtrails, GMOs, fluoride, toxins, 9/11

TrutherMei Public 12,015 1,323
Jewish Gaians Guild JGG-mule Private 47,191 592
The House Of Dog

Cult of dog. We worship dog. Only dog.

Himedere Chan Public 535 248
Humans Should Lay Eggs

Petition for humans to lay eggs

Tags: eggs, yolk, shell

robotic being Public 10 3
How about memes and screaming?

Lets scream and meme.

Tags: Memes, Screaming, Screaming Memes, John Cena, Mmm Whatcha Saayy

The Marching Madness Public 2 1
IVV Treehouse Club

fuck the popo, G(aiaonline.com)

Lumienetta Public 4 8
Courtesy of The Phantom Clan Zeedan Private 17 9
The Official Matt Slater Fan Club

F*ck dem Sl8r H8r's.

Tags: Matt, Slater, Fans, Club, Troll

Matt Slater Private 19 16
Give Money to The Poor

Let noob gaians feel welcome by giving them gold!

Tags: nice, caring, good deeds

Supreme Leonn Public 3 3
Life Is 3.14

3.14 Is Life. 3.14 has Friends. 3.14 Squad.

Tags: Squad, Life, Friends

Life ls Pie Private 4 23
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