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All Genre Role-playing Guild!

role-play guild, every and all genres

Tags: roleplaying

AmbitiousDESIRE Private 25 10


Tags: fish, gangsters, dolphin, mafia, shark

coqs Public 204 14
Abandon all sanity, ye who enter here.

Random happy fun time

Shadowlit Facade Private 129,784 62
The Official Venting Guild!

Vent here about anything. remember tos. basicaly come here to chat :)

Tags: vent, discussions, problems, help, gaia

iMiona Private 809 89
Tying the Knot

Here you can find everything you need to help you plan the perfect wedding.

Tags: Wedding, Planning, Marriage, Engaged, Love

Miss Esa Public 998 88
Austin Farmer DTTPAY Guild

A Guild for those who are Part of the DTTPAY to Hangout

Austin Farmer II Public 60 12

A hetalia role playing group.

Tags: Hetalia, Pasta, Role play, Fantasy, PARTY

kickblue Public 17 3
strike the blood and soul eater fanclub/roleplay

just role playing and fantalk, fan characters are allowed when roleplaying.

Tags: soul eater, role play, fan chat, strike the blood, ships!!!!(not the sailing kind! o////o)

lions217 Public 3 1
Teen Wolf and Supernatuals Talk

A place to tell everyone about what you know about supernaturals

Tags: supernaturals

FallenStarsAnBrokenHearts Public 4 10
Richs Guild

This Guild is for the Rich Clan

Tags: #rich, #money, #discussion, #clan, #sticktogether

x-I am rich Public 2 7
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