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Discussion of legal, medical and cultural issues surrounding cannabis (reference library and advocacy resources available)

Tags: cannabis, marijuana, tetrahydrocannabinol, psychoactives, NORML

faolan Private 9,846 317
Outside and Holistic Life Styles

Your ideals and belifes on holistic lifestyles.

Tags: Holistic, Organic, exersize, vegan, healthy

Luna Breeeze Public 803 33
The Lost Men


Tags: Reservations, Menace, Political, Social, Wander

A Grand Collapse Private 51 2
۞ stridulation ۞ vreska Public 23 11
C h a t . L o g

It's just random...

Tags: chat, random

Joosy Joos Private 369 53
The New Order of Gaian Commanders

A place to serve as discussion grounds for Gaia's roleplayers

Tags: Roleplay, Army, Gambino, Organization Military, Discussion

Saka Hirozumi Private 33 22
Homestuck Shipping Club

A guild devoted to all the Homestuck ships.

Tags: Homestuck, Karkat, Sollux, Gamzee, Homestuck trolls

boopZap Public 6 2
The Kawaii Krew

A hangout thread for everyone

Tags: Hangout, Pistols, Parasols, Cool, Kawaii

Kawaii Krew Mule Public 39 18
~* Chise x Syd *~

Meep, boop.

Tags: Dayum, Sessy, love, shipping, pairing

ejnsfj Public 2 6
Space Vikings Only!

A guild for vikings from space

Tags: Space, Vikings, Artistic, Freedom, Booteh

Tiberius_The_Space_Viking Public 14 9
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