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Its just that hip, yo

Tags: Geeceedee, GCDer, Items, Plot, Awesome

Yeata Zi Private 38,940 647
Fallen ReBirth

Tags: anime, games, random, discussion, friendship

The one that never was Private 27,815 67
The Official Vampire Hunter D Fan Guild

A guild for all the Vampire Hunter D fans of Gaia online.

Tags: vampire hunter d, vampire, hunter

Jin Love Private 7,506 446
Ya eva' sail in a Firefly 'Fore?

Browncoats unite! All Hail Joss Whedon

Tags: Firefly, Serenity, Sci-Fi, Roleplaying, Discussion

Made Of Nutella Public 708 23
Knighthood_Link's Neighborhood Hangout (Gombino)

This guild is to recruit people to support my idea of having a chat hangout at the neighborhoods of Towns 2.

Tags: Chat, Towns 3, Zelda, Gaming, Social

Elliot_Raine Public 13 36
French Toasted Hamsters: A Random Hangout Guild

A Fun Random Guild, as you can deduce from the title. ;P

Tags: funny, random, silly, stupid, hilarious

Sevum Public 16,208 3,003
Questpocalypse Staff Guild

Guild for the staff of Questpocalypse to talk about business, prepare contests and keep track of games.

QPocalypse Private 174 4
Gaming & Promoting.

Guild for Promoting things, game discussion, and more!

KawaiiiYumYum Public 7 6
The Apple Tree - Charity Guild

A alongside guild of the charity, The Apple Tree. Used for keeping members up to date with going's on.

Tags: Apple, Charity, Free Gold, Free items

Miss Munny Private 28 7
Happy Nightmare

This guild is generally for discussion and meeting new people...We also do polls every now and then.

Tags: Gaian, new people, Rich, Free, Talking

Triviania Public 1 1
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