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Discussion of legal, medical and cultural issues surrounding cannabis (reference library and advocacy resources available)

Tags: cannabis, marijuana, tetrahydrocannabinol, psychoactives, NORML

faolan Private 9,846 317
Autism and Aspergers Awareness Guild

Education and Support

Tags: Autism, Asperger, Pervasive Developmental Disorder, Disability, Disorder

United_Martial_Arts Public 795 137
Pinoy Sisters & Brothers United

Welcome and join us

Tags: Filipino, Samahan, Balita, Virtual Hollywood, Philippines

Hiyama The Cool Guy Public 174 93
Tying the Knot

Here you can find everything you need to help you plan the perfect wedding.

Tags: Wedding, Planning, Marriage, Engaged, Love

Miss Esa Public 999 87
۞ stridulation ۞ vreska Public 23 11
Vampire Lordship

The guild for Vampire Lord and Vampire Lady

Tags: Vampire, Aristocrat, Lord, Lady, Noble

xxDash-Shinxx Private 57 28

This is a place where you can feel free to rant about issues you have on gaia or in everyday life

Tags: Help

Yuki RMS Public 5 10
People's Party Of Gaia

We are united

Tags: Socialist, Uniform, Friendly, New player, Open

mapcnct Public 9 7
Homestuck Shipping Club

A guild devoted to all the Homestuck ships.

Tags: Homestuck, Karkat, Sollux, Gamzee, Homestuck trolls

boopZap Public 6 2
~* Chise x Syd *~

Meep, boop.

Tags: Dayum, Sessy, love, shipping, pairing

ejnsfj Public 2 6
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