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The Maggots of Gaia

A hangout guild for fans of Slipknot.

Tags: Slipknot, Maggot, Hangout

maggoty tacos Private 18,066 103
Math & Science Guild

Let's get nerdy

Tags: math, science, physics, computer science, education

roguegdi Public 264 1
The Kool Aid Conundrum MonkofMajere Public 419 7
Tea Parties Are Manly Guild: "We have no purpose, So we're c Lady_Naia Private 7,691 385
Elemental Sisters ideas

Story discussion and planning

lightning2wolf Private 129 2
The Advice Guild

The Guild for advice and comfort :P come to us anyday

Tags: Help, Comfort, Love, Clan, Cats

Scottish Fold Shinigami Public 244 128
GGN Guilds 2.0 and Guilds Popularity Booster Guild

We want Guilds 2.0 yesterday. We also want Guilds to become popular again!!!

Tags: Guilds 2.0, Popularity, Booster, Gaia Guilds Network, Moderators

Kor Saiyajinkami Private 18 3
Perverts Unite!

Tits or GTFO

Tags: Pervert, tits, gtfo, weactuallydidthis, justwow

Angel_Dove0115 Public 31 8
Stop Bullying, Speak up.

A Support System For People Who Have Been Bullied

Tags: Stop, No Bullying, Speak up, You have friends, Your beautiful

OG_Papi Get Hoes Public 2 4
Animal Conservation

Helping nature and its inhabitants

Tags: Wildlife, Animal, Conservation, Nature, Earth

Captain Gurn Public 3 3
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