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Foksingkot Mei tsuki7 Private 6,915 171
All Genre Role-playing Guild!

role-play guild, every and all genres

Tags: roleplaying

AmbitiousDESIRE Private 25 9
Teen Wolf and Supernatuals Talk

A place to tell everyone about what you know about supernaturals

Tags: supernaturals

FallenStarsAnBrokenHearts Public 4 12
Gaia Alumni Association onlydraven Private 695 2


Tags: fish, gangsters, dolphin, mafia, shark

coqs Public 204 14
Abandon all sanity, ye who enter here.

Random happy fun time

Shadowlit Facade Private 129,784 62
Austin Farmer DTTPAY Guild

A Guild for those who are Part of the DTTPAY to Hangout

Austin Farmer II Public 60 12

A hetalia role playing group.

Tags: Hetalia, Pasta, Role play, Fantasy, PARTY

kickblue Public 17 3
strike the blood and soul eater fanclub/roleplay

just role playing and fantalk, fan characters are allowed when roleplaying.

Tags: soul eater, role play, fan chat, strike the blood, ships!!!!(not the sailing kind! o////o)

lions217 Public 3 1
Richs Guild

This Guild is for the Rich Clan

Tags: #rich, #money, #discussion, #clan, #sticktogether

x-I am rich Public 2 7
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