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The Coffee Beans

A cafe for girls to chat and unwind...

Tags: Girls, Hang Out, Help, Problems, Cafe

Novuhnyte Private 1,027 49

Bad B*tches Link Up : For The Classiest And Baddest Queens.

Tags: Girls, Family, Pretty, Group, Love

I M Too Kinky Private 207 71
Big Ass Bid Blast~

Have the chance to earn major gold by bidding on rare exclusive items!

Tags: Free Gold, Prizes, Monthly Collectibles, Money, Free Items

Hasta Lemonista Public 96 81
Leather, Chains, and Naughty Games.

For everyone and their kinks.

Tags: BDSM, Kinky, Bondage, Naughty

Crimson Rose Dragon Public 1,914 82
Therapy And Self-Help Guild

Talk about your life to our people!

Tags: Help, Self Help

snow_sniper_100 Public 42 5
~Tell me about it! The guild for Venting~

Got something upsetting you? Come here to talk about it and get it off your chest.We're here to listen and help.

Tags: gaia, vent, councel, talk, help

Epic Wild Tiger Public 46 35
N.K.'s cafe

I hope you all can just come over and hang out. PM me for ANYTHING

Tags: pokemon, active, chatting, mash-up, games

nujumkh Public 993 32
Random Rantings: Halloween

My random rantings for your pleasure. Mainly about Jack and the H2k13 event.

Tags: Jack, Easter Bunny, Ranting, Random, 199sami

199Sami Public 11 8
Little Lucy's Turtle Tank

Have a pet Turtle? Terrapin or tortoise, this guild is for people to share photos and ask questions about their pet turtles!

Tags: Turtles, Tortoise, Terrapin, Pets, Animals

Insidious Formality Public 4 1
Xenos - The Strangers

We are the strangers of the void.

Tags: Stranger, Void, Xenos, Lost, No One

Vince Xenos Public 6 5
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