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The Gaian Leadership and Success Guild

This is a guild that teaches it's members how to be successful in life and how to achieve their dreams.

Tags: Success, Leadership, Teaching

The Unknown Shadow Private 3 1
The Invisible Ninja

Simple Discussion

Tags: Ninja, Discussion

Mr Gentlmen Public 1,573 29
WORLD PEACE awesomest

share ways on how to make others happy ... sound weird waffles puppie

Tags: peace, stuff

dogz178 Public 12 19
Teh Supah Awsum Funn Gild :D

The most awsome Guild there is. :P

Tags: Awsome, Archie, TDBS, Polar Bears, Arctic

Archie Doul Private 27 13
The Guild of Heroes

A friendly, fun guild for gaians who would gladly help one another.

Tags: charity, hero, friendly, random, funforall

RedRozeNinja13 Public 13 7

Where One Direction fans (a.k.a The Directioners) can chat and hang out

Tags: Directioners, one direction, fans

NLTismyMusic Public 41 31
Kawaiiness group

this guild is for people wishing to be or are kawaii we give ideas like items and ways to act

Tags: Fashion, Ideas, like or hate, kawaii, love

League of Cuties

Cuties Annonomous

Darkreaper_44 Public 139 13
Pain from the Inside

A guild that deals with depression, self harm/self injuries, and hope.

Tags: depression, self harm, help, strength, understanding

bllonddie Public 10 13
Support group and cleansing clan!

No matter what you may be going through, this guild is always a safe place to look for help and find new ways to bring you happiness!

Tags: mental health, support, friendly, depression, love

comette punk Public 2 2
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