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The Potterhead Family

This is a family Guild

Tags: Family, Love, Marriage, Rawr, Random

User 35280389 Private 2 16
The Gaia Goddess' Guild (18+, female sanctuary) Mystery Ceres Private 7,472 200
Friend Hangout Forever_Hikaru Private 110 9
Twerk Team 2k15


Tags: twerk, team, 2k15

Desstorjo Private 257 29

This guild dedicated to those people who either have low self esteem, social anxiety, both, or anything in between.

Tags: Low self esteem, Social Anxiety, Help

Yoshimi Sohma Public 7 3
Silent Savages

Secure , Silent , Strong , Manageable , Willing . Stand Strong

Tags: moneymaker, gang, brotherhood, savage, silent

tommy bankz Private 4 9
Fashion Bomb Daily

We the people like to get real real.

Tags: Fashion, food, sex life, life, real

Chanel No 3 Public 7 12
LDR support group

A guild to be surrounded by others also in LDRs where you can get support or just make friends.

Tags: support, long distance relationships, online, relationships, advice

PaleLittleBum Public 21 3
Gaming, Anime And Pizza

A guild for appropriate discussion and rational ideas

Tags: Normalcy, Working, Television, Sleeping, Obediance

Typer With A Diaper Public 13 1
The Malcross Clan

A haven for Fallen Angels, Demons, Vampires, Werewolves, or any other dark creature.

Tags: Family, Demons, Ghouls, Vampires, Werewolves

Cassiel Erzengel Public 1 1
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