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Name & Description Owner Forum Type Posts Members
The Haven of Roleplayers

A palce for roleplayers to congregate and create vast and epic stories together!

Tags: Roleplay, Groups, Fanfiction, Haven, Stories

a soul of thunder Private 1,080 86
Beginner Roleplayers

This is a role-playing guild for beginner role-players.

Tags: Ponies, Anime, Schools, Series, Pony

nibit Public 4 6
Greatest of Gladiators Guild. (GoGG)

Tags: Elves, Dwarves, Arena, Forest, Fighting

thain89 Private 10,681 27
One Sky, One Destiny : The Dreams of the Universe

Where All Worlds Are At Your Fingertips...

Tarrant le Sorcier Private 516 18
Terminal 7

We talk about everything Halo. From Halo CE to Halo: Reach and new upcoming Halo games, come here if you love Halo!

Tags: Halo, Reach, ODST, Universe, Master Chief

BWO TwinswordS Private 810 26
White Knights of ZOMG

Guild for ZOMG

Tags: zOMG, Knights, WEEKLY, Assisting, MONTHLY

xxkaze-no-stigmaxx Public 7 5
role playing emporium

awesome everything role playing guild

Tags: role playing, animals, everything, action, random

cerberus_the_fallen Public 328 27
CB Elimination Game!!

This guild intended for this game only

Tags: Elimination, Chatterbox, Forum

OcIL3GnA Private 1 1
Catastrophic Devastations

If a you survived a Nuclear War where would you end up? Live a life with mutants, radiation and rebels.

Tags: Apocalypse, Roleplay, Nuclear War, Disaster, Desert

Toxic Hostilities Private 2 1
The Broken Apocolypse for the casual RP'er

A place for the casual RP'er to find there home, with zombies, knights, space aliens, RP choices are endless.

Tags: Zombies, Apocolypse, Knights, Adventure, Role play

TrippyMoney- Public 7 2
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