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Guild Closed -

Welcome To The Seireitei Blood Eclipse! Many positions available, join to find out!

Tags: Bleach, Taichou, Fukutaichou, Seireitei, Kido

Joliesse Private 16,900 42

requires bandana hat,reverse hat, guppy...

Tags: snap, backs, snapbacks, fresh

Swag2Nastii Public 89 84
Master/Slave Hang out

Master/ Slave rooms

Tags: Slave, Master, bdsm, bondage

midnightsweety Public 911 89
HACKED #BH SucinDikOnlyIfiHave2 Public 843 151
Team Fortress 2 Guild

A Team Fortress 2 Guild for All Fans!

Tags: Team Fortress 2, Valve, Cosplay, Roleplay, Fans

Ashta Nightrayne Public 698 138

call of duty modern warfare 3 tips, help, and unlock info

Tags: call of duty, call of duty modern warfare 3, army, duty, bayronirocks

bayronirocks Public 52 22
♊⊰ The Million Generations ⊱♊

A big family with job offers

Tags: Roleplay, Jobs, Family, Gold, Derp

Talathiel Daerwen Public 580 51
The noob-support guild, Canard

for first-time roleplayers and noob-support

Tags: .hack, noob-support

PVT Artemis Alpha Public 271 4
Stop the Hacks!

Join us to help us get fellow gaians' the help that we need to stop hackers and scams.and get everyone there dream avis

Tags: Helping others, Stop hacking, donations/charities, Make a change, Stopping the scams

Hizou_Chan Public 94 25
International Pokemon Trade/Battle Center

Legit/hacked Pokemon trades and battles, everything goes

Tags: Pokemon, Battles, Trading, Black 2, White 2

Deathgod of Legend Public 4 1
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