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$ ⇐ Statuz : Rich ⇒$™

∪gotta have swaqq and style

Tags: Rich, Popular, Sexii, Yung Starzz, Awsome

iiGraffiti Public 1,656 2,593
√Amine Manga Anime√ -All new name!-

This guild is about anime, manga and everything that is with this. Which means Japanese music is included. Please join us today.

Tags: anime, manga, Video games, japan, music

flivine Private 220 25
Master/Slave Hang out

Master/ Slave rooms

Tags: Slave, Master, bdsm, bondage

midnightsweety Public 911 91
`The World' combined!

You can create and role play as your own character from The World Story for guild:.Hack//C.O.M.A

Tags: Haseo, Kite, The World, Epitaph, .hack

Spottedclaw23 Public 7,990 81

If you hate justin bieber this is the guild for you!!

Tags: justin bieber, gold, role playing, contests, music

Watcha Staring At Public 396 358
♊⊰ The Million Generations ⊱♊

A big family with job offers

Tags: Roleplay, Jobs, Family, Gold, Derp

Talathiel Daerwen Public 580 51
Dragon's Dogma Gathering

All Dragon's Dogma Arisens and Fans welcome, here you can discuss tactics, updates & trades.

Tags: Dragons, Dogma, playstation, xbox, capcom

I_Kodiak_I Public 4 2
Gaian's In Need

Helping a gaian one at a time!

Tags: Exchange

Radient Moonlight Public 2 3
Rising From Ashes (futuristic marvel rp)

Super human Role Play base off the marvel universe

Tags: Marvel, superheros, supervillians, Role-playing, mutanes

Aura leigh Dragon Public 3 3
Cyber Play Masters

a world of gaming fans and anime lovers

Tags: .hack//, pokemon, Tales Series, anime, games

Tsukuyomi no Aoshi Public 4 6
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