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The Game- The World's Newest Gaming System!

Long-term Role Playing

Tempus_Glacia Public 1,876 23
.hack//The World

dot.hack//G.U. RP Guild

Tags: .hack, The World, Role Playing

Sanguine Mistress Public 111 3
The World // Dot Hack [RP]

Dot Hack RP

Tags: dot hack, hack, the world, roleplay

Mamimi Mint Public 1,505 27
▁ ▂ ▄ ▅ ▆ ▇ █ ώ๏ℓ˅€$ ๏ƒ ţh€ ȼяɨʍ$๏ɲ ʍ๏๏ɲ █ ▇ ▆ ▅ ▄ ▂ ▁

Wolf Pack


Madam Somber Private 1 28
♥ The Valentines ♫

A guild where all role players are welcome ♥

Tags: military, flowers, gold, game, fantasty

Alchemist Vox Von Lupine Public 71 45
Seductive Vendetta

A Role-Playing guild about assassins that dress to kill. Seducing drug lords and killing them for there own cruel intentions.

Tags: Strife, Roleplay, Assassins, Drugs, Gang lords

xo zoey Public 12 2
New Blackwatch

The rebirth of the old division Blackwatch, under the leadership of Vayne E. Thorace.

Tags: assassin, stealth, mercenary, roleplay, military

Vayne Thorace Private 146 4
A Guild of Anything and Something that has Kat's booty

A place where I am a buttface and Kat is a Almighty Sexy Beast... 'Nuff said

Tags: Katnip rules, Goose drools, Jingle Bells, Bleu Waffle Smells, Goose has Herpes....

SillYGooS3zlvsu Private 260 4
AllianceGaming ( AGMG )

AllianceGaming Gaia HeadQuarters

Tags: clan, Gaming, community, family

DiabloDorito Public 3 2
dot Hack: //REBOOT

A new kind of online experience.

Tags: dot Hack, Online, Haseo, Kite, Roleplay

der Haku Public 25 1
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