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Vocaloid Café

This is just a cb guild. So if you hate vocaloids we're not really talking about that. Giveaways, chatting, and games are held inside.

Tags: Chat, Stories, Giveaways, Games, Funs

iiivybear Public 404 77
The Academy of Musical Arts

Some International Rock Stars are posing as regular school children in a fancy academy.

Tags: Rock Star, Romance, Music, Academy, Songs

kittykatmeowofdeath Private 415 11
Dot Hack [RP] The World Ver.3

The world is and online game

Tags: World, dothack, anime, RolePlay

xXKite_AzureXx Public 26 3
A☪☪el Wørld A New Beginning [Open/Accepting]

A Role Playing About The Anime Called Accel World

Tags: Final Fantasy, Dot Hack, Sword Art Online, Btooom!, Accel World

Psychic-Academy213 Private 791 24
Got Hacked?

Got Hacked? Want your acc back, and want to track down the hacker? Join us then!

Rosaellie Private 103 115

Join Now! :)

Tags: Sony, superheros, movies, Marvel, DC comics

Gwen Maxine Stacy Public 126 39
TakeOver Goverment (TG^)

Takeover The Hater's And Killing The Lames ^^

Tags: Guap, H.O.E.S, Paper, Roast, Friendship

Shaun Hamliton Private 22 22
The Anon Empire

Sci-Fi, Role Play

Tags: Sci-Fi, Role Play

Anonymous AIpha Public 36 21
Mass Effect The End of Days

Where Shepard has failed we must succeed

Tags: MassEffect, Roleplay, SciFi

Dante Vex Public 647 7
Rich Nigga Royalty [RNR]

Only The Real Ass Niggas Join

Tags: Rich, Donating, Royalty, Real, Family

GB-Yung Gunz Public 3 10
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