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Name & Description Owner Forum Type Posts Members
The Game- The World's Newest Gaming System!

Long-term Role Playing

Tempus_Glacia Public 1,876 24
The World V1.0.1

A guild dedicated to bringing the popular franchise to Gaia Roleplay in a new way.

Tags: dot.hack//, Semi-Literate, Role Playing

iXelnyn Public 2,835 45
The Mob Family Against Hackers!

Haters of Hackers, Awesome, Random, Roleplaying Guild

Tags: Haters of Hackers, Awesome, Random, Roleplaying

RandomInnocentPeoples Private 11,806 33
Kitty's Randomness Returns!

continued Ninja School of Randomness from being hacked =)

Tags: demon, human, final fantasy, vampire, neko

Kimora LaDubois Public 2,219 12
Free everything

place to get free gold and/or items and do many other things

Tags: gold, trash, donate, items, Free

iibanggu Public 139 86
World of Fantasia Online: VRMMORPG RP

VRMMORPG RP. No Log out. Die you die.

Tags: MMORPG, Semi-Literate, Role Play, World of Warcraft, Sword Art Online

Scythe Ryuu Private 753 18

An up in coming .hack RP guild

Tags: .hack, Sign, Twilight, Roots, link

Akemi Mercuraki Private 180 13
A Guild of Anything and Something that has Kat's booty

A place where I am a buttface and Kat is a Almighty Sexy Beast... 'Nuff said

Tags: Katnip rules, Goose drools, Jingle Bells, Bleu Waffle Smells, Goose has Herpes....

SillYGooS3zlvsu Private 260 4
UNSC: United Nations Space Command

Welcome to the UNSC new Recruit. Your duty is to protect the weak and help any fellow Gaians in the world.

Tags: UNSC, Military, Army, Soldier

Kyoume Shigrai Private 1 1
Dot Hack: End World (U/C)

Tags: MMORPG, Dot Hack, Class, System, Role Playing

xX Inari Xx Private 3 2
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