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[xNPCx] Shlerp
Any Zurg step within a 100ft of me will be toast! I will stand my ground until told otherwise by the Gaian Army!

"Pfft, you wouldn't be able to sense that I was right behind you!"
I had my probe ready to shove up between his gluteus maximus.

((XD He's all your's I'm staying the hell away from any fights as I have already been cut with a sword and shot through the arm today.))

((I havn't got any real arms))
*runsaround with shotgun shotin zurgs*...!
hello! *a bolt flys pass him* whats going on here? oh,well confused * fires a big bolt of pure energy at the aliens*
hehehe actually im from the magican blue lune group to take out
The Atrocity alerts the Pentagon, and William P Caito of the 7th Special ops group is moblized, Williams Brothers in arms are dropped in Via Black hawks and a mobile sniper team accompanies.

The C130-C Spectre Gunships of the 130th SOR fire their cannons into the Zurg Craft and the SOG under the command of Caito begins to lay waste to all the invaders.
ChibiRodan's avatar

Heroic Sex Symbol

12,450 Points
  • PvP 200
  • Jolly Roger 50
  • 50 Wins 150
The army of Gaia is currently stationed right outside the UFO and will await orders.......
I call dibs on running the triage <.< This wont hurt a bit.
One second thought its too late, I think I'll go to sleep, If you're injured just wait here till morning. Try not to bleed on the carpet.

*locks fridge* Freeloading Gaians sweatdrop Grumble sweatdrop
Kill THE ALIENS!!!!!!

heheh *hold a butcher knife behind her back* heheh here little aliens *makes kissy sound* twisted *giggles* 4laugh
Grave stood in a small room, it's walls curved into a perfectly formed dome. The walls was steel, the floor was flat and dark coloured with a thick orange carpet. Grave stood in front of the only exit, he was not alone in the room, he was accompanied by 3 angry Zurg, all itching to attack him. He placed his hand on the hilt of his katana which hung accross his back, the first Zurg charged at him, lunging at him with a long thick broadsword, Grave sidestepped and unsheathed his sword, striking the Zurg down in one mighty counter swing.

The Second Zurg charged at him, this one was wielding a large warhammer, the 3rd approached him from behind, it wielded a small dagger. Grave stepped back and dodged the first swing from the warhammer, in the second swing it went downwards towards the ground, putting a dent in the floor. Grave stepped on the head of the warhammer which was still touching the floor, preventing the Zurg from attacking again, he then headbutted it and turned around, his scarf flapping as he did so. He side stepped and dodged the incoming attack from the dagger wielding Zurg, he reached out and grabbed it's hand with his left hand, using his right hand he unsheathed his sword and plunged it into it's belly.

He then turned again to face the last remaining Zurg, it was once again holding it's warhammer, it stepped forwards and swung at him, narrowly missing his face, Grave crouched beneath the next swing and rotated around, slicing off both of the Zurgs legs, he continued rotating around and finished his attack by removing the Zurgs head from it's neck, thus ending the fight. Grave wiped his sword and sheathed it again, the scene appearing to be a gruesome massacre.
Aliens are no good!
hiya! *hit alien*
run away!
sighn me up

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