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wanna save them

yes 0.48222222222222 48.2% [ 217 ]
no 0.12666666666667 12.7% [ 57 ]
gold!!!! 0.39111111111111 39.1% [ 176 ]
Total Votes:[ 450 ]
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I'M AM 5% hippie 67&#xgo;th 20&#xEm;o 8&#xPu;nk!
so with my 5% i will say SAVE the babies, maaan!
Yes spare my child!!!! The babies can't do any harm biggrin
You had better not hurt my kid. evil
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Save the babies!!!
!!!!!!!!!!!!!kill all zurg babies!!!!!!!!!!!
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Where does one get a baby?
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You can only buy 'em from market place and othe users, now.

Also, it was a UFO with a full-grown alien inside who have been killed; I don't think anyone is killing alien babies.
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Chatty Lunatic

No!! The last thing we should be doing is killing alien babies!! gonk
can you even kill them?
Don't kill the babies their not the ones invading User Image

It's like doing this to the baby aliens.
Can I eat them? :drools:
I have no clue what any of this is about but you touch my baby and his pets will touch you twisted

No seriously what's this about this is my first time in these forums
What's all this about?
To hell with them! *zap zap*

I'm kidding, I love the zurgs, I'm just messing with you.

(Don't sign me up tho, not interested.)
What if the babies grow up to be eeeeeeeeeevvvvvvvvviiiiiilllllll?

They wont be those cute, adorable, diaper wearing aliens.

crying crying crying
ahhhhhhh ugly a** aliens!!!

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