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Sasuke ROKS

YEA 0.63876651982379 63.9% [ 290 ]
NO WAY (If you choose this, your gay) 0.36123348017621 36.1% [ 164 ]
Total Votes:[ 454 ]
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he is so gay. and neji is just so freakin HOT. Sasuke is the worst guy on there. Most GUYS like him because he is smothered by fangirls. And he looks bet with naruto. DUH.
Sasuke is ok....but Lee is the best.

Bowlcuts Unite
Actualy sasuke kisses sakura bofore he leaves the village. and Naruto gets so much stronger than sasuke.
Shinda Akuma
Sorry to tell ya.... Sasuke is gay....

Sasuke is not gay he's emo. he kissed sakura in the books.
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User Imagei beliv dt the character of this anime who sucks is d antagonist lyk orochimaru!!!!!
Eep!saskue an a*****e Eep!
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Questionable Phantom

saskue betrayed his friends, the only family he had, konoha, 2 hang out with a twisted, evil, person, just to kill somebody who probably mostly forgot about him. Thats just STUPID.
naruto sucks !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! rofl ninja
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Narutos awsome cool
Sasuke's ok, but Gaara-kun is so much cooler!

Gaara Forever!
Ooooo Kakashi, Naruto, Neji, Gaara and Kiba are cool! I wuv Kiba! He's got a puppy! Sasuke's such a sour puss, he really needs to lighten up.
I say hes kool to way beeter than naruto blaugh blaugh blaugh blaugh
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Are you kidding me? Sasuke sucks! He is an Emo conceited little bratt who should get over himself already. Honestly. If you people think that Sasuke is taking his past well, then your wrong. Personally, because he is so stupid, I think he should die. You all just think he's cool because he can spit fire and has a nice a** --;
SasUKE is gay!! He is an UKE!

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