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x~X Pokey X~x
Hi Bobo.
I am very good tonight. A walk? That sounds like fun.
Oh! It isn't nice of your mother to tell you that you need to lose weight. I think that you look beautiful just the way you are!

Agreed. My daddy thinks I need to lose weight too. crying
Parents aren't always right, you know.

My Mum's tells me that too.
But it's true.
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Hi Bobo!! Becareful, drinking to much zurg will do that too you ^_^
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burning_eyes Good evening Bobo, long time no see! 3nodding I hope you didn't get a stomach ache from all the Zurg energy drink. burning_eyes
Drunkess is bat >->
I am not drunk... just full... domokun
bobo ish a cute name ^-^
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bobo ish a cute name ^-^

This is true!! heart
User Image
I took this picture of a fountain near my home for you I hope you like it and show it to your family.
and please show it to 02 . heart to all Zurg!
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I'm heading off to bed, before I become one cranky human come tomorrow. razz 'Night all! See you tomorrow BoBo! mrgreen
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Screw Zurg and Red Bino. Good ole' fashioned beer is all ya need. wink
Hello Bobo. smile

'Tis way too easy to drink too much Zurg, not that I'm speaking from experiance or anything. sweatdrop

But anyway, walks can be fun. Gaia is very prettyful, including is rather bright sky. (It's a pretty shade of blue methinks)
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Sounds like you had fun Bobo! <3
Yes BoBo is a cute name. BoBo whee
[NPC] alien_ufo_12
I am not drunk... just full... domokun

We know. heart Just a little good-natured teasing.
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Hi Bobo glade to be here. I hope you enjoy your walk. I like taking walks they are fun n__n

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