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yeah I have to leave soon but not yet ^^

I have work on saturday as well D=
Santa Des blaugh
D= SHUSH XD lmao they don't need to know about my situation at work in a santa suit o.o;
eek cap'n des....is santa!!!!!

~throws tea to the floor and runs towards captain Des~

Sorry Captain ninja

rofl rofl rofl rofl
*screams and runs away* XD haha I'll take my camera today and tomorrow just incase I have to wear it and before work have my co-workers take a picture of me.
~runs after Santa Des, waving santa letter in the air~

i forgot to send it off!? Is it too late?

~runs after Des with arms wid eopen~


*inches away* No- I mean Yes, I-I-I mean- I'M NOT SANTA!! D= I'm not even the right age or gender!!
*Just sits back and watches* .....I wonder if should feel guilty? xd
~runs past Danny, pointing~

Yes you should!

~continues running after Des then realizes......Des is a girl~


~sits down and drinks tea~
Which means that she's Mrs. Clause 3nodding
Which means that she's Mrs. Clause 3nodding

~stares at cap'n des in an evil way~

Mrs Clause you say?
Hai hai 3nodding
o.o; I don't like the way you're looking at me... I'm not Mrs. Clause >.< and if I was, stand back! I'm MARRIED!!

(I have work now, be back in 2-3 hours... ttyl ^^ )
fine then...you've escaped me now

~stares evily over his cup of tea~

next time captain....next time


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