Greetings Gaians!

Due to recent events, the Zurg Hive is putting down its arms to extend a friendly hand… inviting you all to come to Gaia Unlimited. Click Here.
With the tension between the different factions of Gaia becoming more and more stressed, the production of DARKNRGY has reached a peak. And this can only spell bad news for both Gaians and Zurg alike. We would like it if everyone could please put down your weapons and offensive measures to join us at Gaia Unlimited to help us all to take the first step in spreading the word of Peace throughout all of Gaia.

With your help, we can unite the planet together to create a better, Darknrgy free world for all. Thank you!

Gaia Unlimited Representative and Warrior of the Zurg Hive

This message has been brought to you by Zurg Hive, the Gaia Peace Petition, and [NPC] alien_ufo_06!