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For the cows!

Cows! 0.73333333333333 73.3% [ 22 ]
I'm more of a llama kind of guy. 0.26666666666667 26.7% [ 8 ]
Total Votes:[ 30 ]
I don't trust these aliens one bit. They're taking our cows into space...and....and...

doing experiments on them!!

....in space!!!

Well I do ike a good steak, adn that's why we're taking 'em.
bummmpp dramallama
I love llamas!
by the way lamas spit. But at least the ailens weren't after the pandas but then again pandas are so rare maybe they just couldn't find any.
ahhh, idc, as long as they leave us gaians without harm, im good
Yeahyourprobablyright.Weneedtosavethecows.Themorecowssavedthemoresteakandhamburgersandmilkandbeefwecangetforourselves.Iguesthealienshavegoodtaste.Ican'tblameem'forthat.Butcowsoriginatedfromearthandthatswhyweneedtokeepitthatway.Youaliensmayonlytakeone.Therestareoursandifyoudisagreethenyou'llhavetodealwithme.Itsaprettygooddealifyouthinkaboutit.Mostcowsroamfreeandfewofusareluckyenoughtoownone.SothatmeansifIdontownone,thenyoushouldbeprettydamnthankful.Nowleaveourpartofthecyberspace,zurg. ninja

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