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Paranoid Onion
Onion, nearing disinclined`, smells a strange aura comming from his buttocks. At first, he is slightly aroused, then that turns to dizzyness.


Onion colapses onto the floor, failing his fellow ninjas.
Gasping and pointing, Nudie promptly tried to ignore it and pretend it probably had nothing to do with that....horrible smell.
....nothing at all.

" ninja "

He slunk around boldly, given his current state of dress, peeking over a lege, and around a corner. "I dun see anythingggggg~~" He stage-whispered back at the group.
Dr0cke grumbled. If anyone that deserved to be told to hush, it was the two sprawling numbnuts on the floor.
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Looking around, she spotted a shining laptop in the corner. The smoke was fading away, but was still thick enough to hide any traps. Crouching below the smoke, she pulled down her scarf and blew some of the smoke out of her way. Checking for traps, she did this until she reached the desk.

Standing slowly, she beckoned her group over. "AR, check for traps," she ordered. "You know more about technological stuff than I do."
He looked around for a minute and then stared at his watch. Too lazy to roleplay, he decided to do actions in asterisks.

*checks for traps*
Shifting his eyes, Nudie watched the ninjas...with their leet skillz and their tight dark outfits.

"Why, if I wasn't a nudist..." he said wistfully, crossing his arms with a dreamy smile.
Onion, feeling dizzy, slightly opens his eyes to adjust his vision.

For some sort of hotshot ninja he got nothing in here, that assh-

*just then a door swung open and peesalad darts shot through the room*

OMFG EVERYONE DOWN! gonk *duck duck GOOSE*
"EEEEEK~!" Screaed Nudie, ina remarkably feminine manner. dropping flat on his gut his watermeat struck a dart right between his sweet button eyes.

"JIMOTHY NOOO crying " he mourned, holding it as the pee and salad vaguely stained his poor plush.
Finally fully regaining conciousness, Onion sits up only to find several darts of p***y yellow and green goo zooming at him. Onion stands firm, the flying pee simply hitting his paper sack and dripping to the ground.


He sighs once he realizes that these are yet more stains that will never come out of his labcoat, and he will probably smell like s**t for weeks.
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Leaping over the table in uber-pwning-ninja mode, Tai grabbed a number of her shuriken and threw them at the enemy by the door. Falling to the ground, she barrel rolled to the side, a handy move she picked up from AR a while back.
Oblivious to everything going on in the room, disinclined` continued to stumble about. His throat was getting rather sore from all the screaming.
Cursing silently at AR for setting off the trap, she adeptly whipped the end of the rope around disinclined`, the only one still close enough for her to help. The pee salad darts that would have hit him splashed harmlessly to the floor.
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"AR GRAB THE LAPTOP!" Tai yelled from the ground. "EVERYONE UP THE ROPE!!"
Disinclined` felt something long and rope-like wrap around him.


s**t, I'M ON IT.



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