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... ninja
[NPC] alien_ufo_05
Need new recipes for Zurg army. Please help! whee

aww you're asking for help! how cute!
[NPC] alien_ufo_05
Need new recipes for Zurg army. Please help! whee

It will be my pleasure. I tell you my personal favourite food. 100% made of gaians. And i certainly know that at least you like to eat Gaians. So do i.

Shad´s personal favourite Gaian recipe:


-Enough Gaians to feed Zurg army.


-Take gaians and put them in to HUUUGE cooking pot.
-Warm them up until they all have nice brown skin. Remember to throw Red ones away and the allready browner ones need to be even browner than they are usually.
-Cut their legs of and put them on plate. (Remember Dip so they won´t be so yuck!.)
-Take some of the best Zurg fruits and make some juice out of them. To have a little bit more taste in it. Put Gaian arms and maybe a little bit of hair. smile (You don´t need to put hair if you don´t want to.)

-Last. Put aplles on Gaians mouths so you have peace to eat.
Btw. That juice is not for drinking. You put it on the ready gaians. To give a great taste you know. And as some gaians say. Bon apetit! smile

Hope you like this recipe.
What about some icecream? Miffy N' Cream! Only requires ice, salt, and Mifmemo(sold seperately).
[NPC] alien_ufo_05
Need new recipes for Zurg army. Please help! whee

If your going to eat us then I'll quit gaia so you can't. I'll tell my friends to do the same. wecould always join www.neopets.com it's much better!
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Nah we Gaians Don't taste that good... ( I tried to eat one before domokun rofl )

No seriously, besides, you looove cows right? Then a beef stew would do you good or better yet why not try adobo, or something of filipino delicacy, I'm sure you zurgs would love it biggrin
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He's thinking of an idea right now...
[NPC] alien_ufo_05
Need new recipes for Zurg army. Please help! whee
Hmm.. I have one. I requires 3 Grade A noobs, a bottle of Malibu, and a strong stomach.
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Oh I don't know......slice us up into thin pieces and fry us like bacon and serve us for breakfast...stick us in a ginder and.... idea

Gaian Helper:
You will need:
1 Gaian
1 box of hamburger helper cheeseburger macaroni per pound of gaian

1) Grind up a Gaian until he/she obtains the texture of hamburger
2) Take the meat and seperate it into little piece in a frying pan a pound at a time.
3) Brown the meat and turn off the flame. Using the cover to your frying pan, pour grease into a plastic cup in the sink (don't pour it down the sink, or you'll ruin the plumbing)
4) Dispose of the grease later on, you won't need it.
5) Follow directions as instructed on the box.
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[NPC] alien_ufo_05
Need new recipes for Zurg army. Please help! whee

1 human
1 tsp salt
2 tsp pepper
4 potatos
4 celery stalks

Boil in a pot, add veggitables, season, cook. Enjoy!
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