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Need new recipes for Zurg army. Please help! whee
    You're trying to
    Cook the Zurg army?

    They could compliment well
    in a salad.
    Believe it. 3nodding
You should try mixing some Gaian brain in a fish helm. MMMMMMM.
.... scream
I've got a recipe for you! How about a sack full of n00bs upside your head! Just wear have you been, mister? How could you keep your mortal enemy waiting? So rude...
And why aren't you in your own ship? Why do you feel the need to invade 11's? Rude rude rude...
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[NPC] alien_ufo_05
Need new recipes for Zurg army. Please help! whee

Well, 05.
As long as you serve something with eggs,
it's always good.
Cheese with eggs, Milkduds with eggs, brownies with eggs, cereal with eggs, mountain dew with eggs (blended), etc.
It's all fantastic.

And 11 is better than you.
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Oho! How I have awaited your return, 05! (What happened to your caps-lock? xD )

For now, I bring to you this simple, yet rewarding recipe...


GAIANSICLES: Perfect for a hot day!

You will need the following:

-A super-sized popsicle tray

-Multiple large toothpicks

-As many gaians as you want twisted

-And of course, a freezer!


Step 1: Capture victim, and simply drive a toothpick through their skin. (This makes for easy transprotation to the freeze-pop container, and it's quite entertaining to see the look on their pale, fleshy face.)

Step 2: Stuff the gaian into the popsicle tray, with toothpick still attatched.

Step 3: Insert the tray into the freezer, and wait a few hours...

Step 4: Remove tray from freezer, pull the gaian out of the tray by the toothpick, and voila! You have yourself a tasty treat that'll cool you off in no time!

Tip--Adding a bit of chocolate drizzle makes devouring this snack even sweeter! ;D
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Nice..... ninja
stare 05 got a fat but from eating to much blaugh
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DJ Twissta
Nice..... ninja
Isn't it? 4laugh
Try something in a light holidan sauce
Stewed gaian

1 whole Gaian
12 black mushrooms
12 slices bamboo shoot

1T cooking wine
1 1/2 t. salt
6c. water

Clean the Gaian and blanch it in boiling water. Remove the Gaian and place in casserole;add cooking wine, salt and water. Stew over medium heat for 50 minutes. Add mushrooms and bamboo shoots;continue stewing for another 15 minutes. Remove and Serve.
eek as long as you recipe doesn't involve zombies..
How about baked gaian skins with a boiled gwee filling, and a side garnish of mashed momo monkey brains.
Great for winter nights.
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You help-izzle meh out against Zurg Nation, and Ah help ya wit recipes. Sound-izzle good? wink
I dont see why you want to gather recipies number 5. Though some are quite interesting, you should know that it would be dangerous to eat a Gaian, Same can be true for the Aliens once human.

We have a complex system created by our Admin like gods[or is it God like admins? HAH!]. I think I mentioned something in a past thread about that.

Moreover I think you have a likeing to Cows more than human meat. I have seen you abduct Gaians and then returned them. But cows.. Not a one.

Which isnt bad. I can give you quite a few Beef recipies. Plant life is not too bad for eating either.

And if you are dying for a taste of us. I can give you a jar of Toenail clippings and a few clippings of my hair. heart

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