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11 is teh Master

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Excuse me! No males allowed in here, unless they are part of the Harem or supporters of 11!

I do not appreciate your apelike presence defiling this thread! mad
i wanna be a part
i really support 11...i just dont think he will...eer let me in the harem im just a supporter ^^; ont mind me
Meh. Too bad 11 blocked me and I don't know why stressed
wow....i'm number 78....
xV> ?F>36C `e_
crying crying crying now you're missing, 11.......ahhhh what are we to do without you??? cry
I want to be in it I support him
*Bursts in* Hello! rofl rofl rofl rofl rofl dramallama dramallama dramallama
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What???! No males in harem??
But I was excepted.......super quick too.
Well i am a supporter. Eleven's my liege....
Do I look pretty or something?

yah for Mr. 85 ^_^
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rofl heart

-rolls around happily-

I'm finding all of these good threads from way back when~
Gooooood memories~

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