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*stops dancing and goes over to the bar area*

What should we get for drinks? If you're thirsty, that is...
Kazie-chan's avatar

Friendly Bunny

I am, but what is there?
Well, they have a soda dispenser thingy... um... a few bottles I can't read from here, looks like they hold some kind of liquor... some Zurg (ew...) ... and milk... and water.... of course, champagne...

*gets himself a soda*

You want anything?
Kazie-chan's avatar

Friendly Bunny

Water ninja
What, Kazie's not gonna get drunk on New Year's? xd

*gets her some water from the tap and gives it to her*

Don't worry, they have a filter.

*sits down next to her and drinks his cola*
Kazie-chan's avatar

Friendly Bunny

*sips her water* Well, my mom already tried to get me to drink wine >>;
And I still can't get Kazie to kiss me under the mistletoe. D:
Kazie-chan's avatar

Friendly Bunny

Nope, because you have a girlfriend xd
I have an overprotective girlfriend. X_x

Geez, a guy can't even joke around without getting smacked. emo

Anyways, I gotta go. Say hi to John for me if he stops by. See ya.
Shake your groove thing shake your groove thing yea yea
Kazie-chan's avatar

Friendly Bunny

And I'm alone.
ninja ninja ninja ninja ninja ninja ninja ninja ninja
Kazie-chan's avatar

Friendly Bunny

walks up to kazie and asks...
"is this seat taken???"*points to the seat next to her and then blushes slightly*
*clears throat*
"uhh...excuse me" *taps on the shoulder*

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