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I'm with them. 0.27642276422764 27.6% [ 34 ]
I'm against them. 0.21138211382114 21.1% [ 26 ]
I...don't realy care. 0.51219512195122 51.2% [ 63 ]
Total Votes:[ 123 ]
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Defence agianst hostile lifeforms.

Defencive leader: #273 aka Morric.

Zurg Defence station three has dectected hostile lifeforms. These beings are comonly cloaked in black. These beings are a threat to the ZURG population on Gaia.

All ZURG who are not of Class Four status will be asked to upgrade to Class Four and distributed to stations: 1 - 11.

To eleminate all threats to the ZURG population of gaia including the gaian "nonbelievers".


Gaian believers;
Please help us ZURG to stay here on Gaia by enlightening your freinds Who hold hostile thought toward us.
hey aliens, go back where you came from you dumb commies
I shall do what i can enlightened ones.
you zergs have more to fear then just some gians in black. thier threat is minor in comparison to me! get ready to lose this war alien trash!
Post if you wish to join.
I'm with you all the way.
*claps hands makes arm spear* hahaha come get a taste of the picture stressed zurg
You trying to take santa and you want us to join you? DIEEEE!!!! *Hits with a cheap wooden sword*
Post if you wish to join.
i am your andriod now i will help ^_^ im in
Post if you wish to join.

New Defence stations have been created and are now recruiting. It is now no longer rare to bump into a defencive station.
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You are with the aliens??
whats going on?! give back the cows!! dramallama
Oh, cows again n____n''
Zurg will never die

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