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Total Votes:[ 129 ]
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I know when people say they want to join and fight to the death they dont mean it!!!!!But this army does not need to fight to the death!!We are in bullet proof ufos'!!!So join now and together we will take over the gaia people!!We are only accepting 12 zurg aleins!!!So join now!!

2.zurg prince
8.MR A Penguin
i shall be a zurg for i am the zurg prince and we shall take down everything in our path twisted twisted

zurg prince
ok i'll add you
WE need more aleins!!!!
I wonder how we should kill the humans?
I shall join this army.
I will add you
Ren Sanada's avatar

Dapper Firestarter

Sorry you all are now my enemy.
How many times do i have too tell you aleins!!!! scream We need more of you so we can take down gaia!! twisted twisted
ill do it as long as we win and as long as its dangerous (so count me in ill be the spy they wont see it coming)
alright you are in
I'm Ancient Guy of the EMG division of the GIB. I'm here to ask some questions. First has anyone seen any evidence of [NPC] alien_ufo_10's dissapearence?
yes i have UFO9 has gone missing the gaia people took it to kill the alein inside of it!

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