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Right on! I'm straight(?) but I absolutely adore you homosexuals, to the point of obsession. Don't worry, I'll try not to get too freaky. mrgreen I don't think anyone should have to hide who they are. Curse this ridiculous American hatred! If only the world was one big yaoi anime rolleyes Oh great, I'm rambling again... Anyways, go ahead and add me. I'd be honored to be your friend. biggrin

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heart yay heart
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i only have a bi friend >< and straight friends >< im straight too!

go ahead and add me....anyone can add me....is anyone even here...???

hello? *voice echos*

damn emo im so alone

>< im such a loser sometimes!! xd
Gay boys are the best! Because that way if you have friends who are boys and people ask so thats your boyfriend you can say no they're gay. Also gay boys tend not to be as horrible. PLUS you'll never get raped by one [If your a girl] Sorry. i will shut up eventually. Add me and we'll be BEST friends! biggrin
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sonds to me your not gay your emo

Sounds to me like someone had a perfect life and likes to throw labels around. My brother was gay. Do you have any clue how much riddicule he went through? DO YOU!? I don't think you'd know. I was teased and picked on for being his sister.
End of story. He died May 21, 2005 in a car accident that was actually the manufactuer's fault.
I'm a little girl. I'm about 5 feet tall, but if I make a difference then the better. This homo-phobia is completely stupid. You can add me, dear if you please. You can hate me or love me, but please do not label me.
I am my own being.
I don't care if your gay.I like gay people they make good friends.Plus I think gay guys are cute.^_^There's nothing wrong with being gay.
Wow you're all gay? It's amzing how you gays sound so normal... What do you mean by Gay? As in I love a boy if you're a boy? Or you have it with a piece of furniture... whee
I would absolutely heart to be yr friend. I dont think there is nething wrong with people that are gay. You treat people better then a lot of straight guyz do exclaim Good on you!!! Feel free to add me! biggrin
yeah my brother doest care about boy X boy or girl X girl and he wants some friends like that so add him at vunderbar dont add me cuz im new and im not worht talking to. ill just ask questions about this site. ><
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I'm bi. =D *does a happy dance*

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