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Do you want an alien baby?

YEA! Their so cute! 0.36643835616438 36.6% [ 107 ]
Yep 0.089041095890411 8.9% [ 26 ]
No 0.16780821917808 16.8% [ 49 ]
HELL NO! 0.37671232876712 37.7% [ 110 ]
Total Votes:[ 292 ]
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[ Bry-Kun ]
If you are easily disturbed please don't read this. I'm serious.

Well, see, the aliens lay their eggs inside your esophagus. You are probably unconcious at the time, and while you sleep the eggs slide down your throat to sit in your stomach. THey grow bigger and bigger making you look pregnant. All of a sudden, the eggs hatch and leap out of your stomach, killing you instantly in a spray of blood, gore, and green slime. Yay for baby aliens!

thats how it is true true true! i agree 100%
awwww alien babies r cute with their big bobbleheads and tiny bodies...they're like us Gaians bcuz we also have big bobbleheads n little bodies lol.....and they're cute like us lol.

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