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Do you want an alien baby?

YEA! Their so cute! 0.36643835616438 36.6% [ 107 ]
Yep 0.089041095890411 8.9% [ 26 ]
No 0.16780821917808 16.8% [ 49 ]
HELL NO! 0.37671232876712 37.7% [ 110 ]
Total Votes:[ 292 ]
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Probes? rolleyes
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Demonic Lover

stare gosh, It's the mini ufo...Buy one and you can have a baby alien too
they are cute think about the lil alien baby one MIB 2
It is quite simple human. Our males have the same....apendages as your males and so it happens in the same way
ok people say im crazy when i say aliens are real but people that watch the ufo channel ufo hunters would know there real but the zurg are a diffrent story you can possibly know that im a zurg or not you people are not as advanced life forms as the zurg but how do you know im really a gaian i could be a gaian in duiscuise twisted
i mean zurg in discuise...
I don't think they would have sent a spy that isn't able to spell the word "disguise".
what are the credits......like barchelor credit???
Ionno weird question....but ET would be an awesome brother......
aliens get people pregnent with there belly buttons
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Ruthless Cleric

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~The traditional way? XD
Mommy's dead now I"m stuck with a baby that thinkseveryting is food... A nuiscance to say the least >_>

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