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Do you want an alien baby?

YEA! Their so cute! 0.36643835616438 36.6% [ 107 ]
Yep 0.089041095890411 8.9% [ 26 ]
No 0.16780821917808 16.8% [ 49 ]
HELL NO! 0.37671232876712 37.7% [ 110 ]
Total Votes:[ 292 ]
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The alien babies r ok. Some peps r funny.
aliens are an infestation that should be wiped from gaia
you suck.
well we can discover new races but the population would go boom smile
eek I don't want any aliens trying to take over the world.
I like some of the item you get for donating to gaia but that cheap so I'm not going to premote it
i dont now but its kinda a stuped questionUser Imagethis is me
I just cant wait to find out the whole reason for there being aliens and why they are here etc etc. Too many questions to get answers for.
Also the code to hacking the zurg thing. That too
The answer to your question is simple. It's called breeding lady!


Crysinister rolled 2 6-sided dice: 2, 5 Total: 7 (2-12)

Do you want me to Destroy them???
You cant, its just people saying they have due to the fact they want to be more involved with the aliens and the new monthly item the ufo allows you to have a "baby" alien
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it could be an invasion..... then they'll have earthling-born aliens.. and then so on and on.... unless we prepare for this or sumthing
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i kno how we humans get pregnant with aliens they either a:rape you at night or b:at night they lay eggs into your brain and the eggs go to the stomach were it feels like a baby is inside you it happened to me once ......jk lol

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