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Do you want an alien baby?

YEA! Their so cute! 0.36518771331058 36.5% [ 107 ]
Yep 0.088737201365188 8.9% [ 26 ]
No 0.16723549488055 16.7% [ 49 ]
HELL NO! 0.37883959044369 37.9% [ 111 ]
Total Votes:[ 293 ]
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I've seen people say they are pregnant with an alien, but I REALLY don't know how....
You cant, its just people saying they have due to the fact they want to be more involved with the aliens and the new monthly item the ufo allows you to have a "baby" alien
Aaaaah....NOW I understand!
Le gaspe burning_eyes

your crazy women....
Why not!!!!
o-o crazy ppl
The answer to your question is simple. It's called breeding lady!
hahaha u guys r funny xp
*hides* my baby!
aliens are an infestation that should be wiped from gaia

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