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Do U like Ouran High School Host Club?

I LOVE IT! 0.78709677419355 78.7% [ 122 ]
No, not really 0.025806451612903 2.6% [ 4 ]
Yeah. It's pretty good 0.090322580645161 9.0% [ 14 ]
Never heard about it 0.096774193548387 9.7% [ 15 ]
Total Votes:[ 155 ]
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Opal Warrior
My favourite are hitachiin twins. Hikaru and Kaoru :'3 They are so cute and handsome! But I love them all. Tamaki- senpai is so cute! I love his puppyeye look heart

OMG My brother plays Hikaru...
His personality is like hikarus too
except the playing gay part Haha

My brother is


he actually started a site with one of his friends to make a OHSHC roleplay site
He needs more members tho
Ouran high School Host Club is really good anime!
Oh, I'm newbie n___n I don't know about others... xd
got a question... why few of You run in underwear? not that I have something against- just courious razz
OHSHC is awesome anime! Tamaki-senpai is cute!
OHSHC is so awesome! Tamaki- senpai is really cute... heart
no they are butt crax
My favourite character is Mori- senpai and Honey- kun
I think, that ouran High School Host Club is the best anime ever!
ehhh... still had no time to watch it... but I promise- I will xd
Well well... One thing still: newbies: don't write there if you don't have nothing to say!
I'll cosplay Hikaru in animecon. (animecon is in Finland, I live there ) 3nodding

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