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stay,or leave?

stay 0.68055555555556 68.1% [ 49 ]
leave! 0.31944444444444 31.9% [ 23 ]
Total Votes:[ 72 ]
This poll closed on December 31, 2006.
No longer accepting new votes.
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i think its not up to us. thats my point.
I think alieans should stay because they haven't done anything to us and they are cool.
Nooo! Oh false alarm my grandma just got ran over by a UFO......again stare
i use to have an aliean mask but sold it to buy high school long coat and were claws biggrin
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I think the Zurg can say, but only if they don't harm anyone.
Like that one that was killed (was it nummer 9?) he was friendly, but his brothers that killed him... no not them. They are disturbing the peace on gaia.
I don't hate Zurg, but also I like peace and I'm ready to defend it.
so should we erase this unreal things? xp
Ughh...You cant kill pictures on a screen...You guys are going about this as children. You should have your opion if you like the zurg theem (cant spell theem) around gaia but dont act like they are real things.
should I believe You? ninja
we come in peace
i tell
listen to me
we come in peace biggrin
hmmm... in "Mars Attack" they come in peace too... and we become pices... but that's a bit other case wink
hey what is with the alien things so yeah

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