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stay,or leave?

stay 0.68055555555556 68.1% [ 49 ]
leave! 0.31944444444444 31.9% [ 23 ]
Total Votes:[ 72 ]
This poll closed on December 31, 2006.
No longer accepting new votes.
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so,the aliens...should they stay,leave,or should we be inconsiderate idiots and kill them all? i think they can stay,or leave,depending on what THEY want to do.they said they came in peace,and we should treat them with respect.how would YOU feel if YOU came to a new inhabited planet and everyone killed YOU and slaughtered YOU? its the simple thoughts like that.it's technacly racism. their idiosyncracies should not cause us to slice a hole in the back of their head.treat them how you want to be treated and remember, you get what you give.
man ur thread sucks..... but thats just my opinion
heheeh aliens are adorable!
this is just my opinion,but i think the aliens should stay. IF YOU CAN'T SAY ANYTHING NICE,DON'T SAY ANYTHING AT ALL! mrgreen
What did the aliens do to you? mad
i think the should stay becausethe dont hurt anybody and the are sweet
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well, technically, they said they came in "piece". Also, it really isn't up to us to make aliens leave... most of them are actual gaians who used Zurg Energy drinks so taking away their accounts for drinking would be quite mean.
Yes. pieces. We are all pieces. You shall be assimilated. resistance is futile.
What did they do to you? they just are curious,innocint creatures from another planet and if i see someone kill an alien,i will kill them in their sleep and drink the blood from their throat!
i like taco bell?
good for you,
We should be good people and give the aliens a chance! (aliens are people too...or ARE THEY???) I guess aliens could be good-natured or evil, like ppl. sweatdrop
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What did i do to you?

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