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What happened to 9? But 8 is bettah cool
welll... i have to disagree. 9 is better lol
i have no clue...
9 had an interacial love affair with a gaian and went missing. No one know where he is except the aliens.
exclaim We have to find out what happened exclaim

We must gather and form an investigation unit! Where's 09? And who was this Gaian he fell in love with? And why won't the GIB do anything to find them both? They're the answer for this invasion! Perhaps for a common understanding for both Zurg and Gaians alike! Spread the word! stressed
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Like I said before 9 was anhilated.........
i said before and i will say it again: when we went to gaia, ship 9 crashed against a tiny-little-almost-impossible-to-see-planet... i was the only surviver crying sorry, it is too difficult to talk about... crying crying
That can't be... 09 reached Gaia, and the name of the Gaian that was with him was revealed, but none seem to know her closely... I've been researching on my own, but still can't find about their whereabouts... And the GIB haven't been quite that helpful. They're more concerned in finding if the Zurg are really a threat...

I ask again: spread the word! Have people posting everywhere about UFO-09... Someone has the answer...
What can I do to help out?!?!?

I wanna know the whole scoop!!! sweatdrop
It seems I'm getting somewhere... And I thank -=.[Kurona].=- and PimpKatPK at UFO#02 for the help.

About the missing Zurg - #09

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Inzu the demon
Yes No.9 has not yet returned....:s

09 is currently with me, recovering from his illness. He will return soon.

He says that he misses everyone and that he wants to give everyone a scanhug. wink

And about the Gaian girl

Well a lot of people say Yuzi_K is the gaian he fell in love with. If you go look at her thread "Forbidden Love" you may believe it too.

Forbidden Love

Yup Yup
there's the link
it's interesting
i destory 9 all the sh*t about 9 falling in love and sh*t was all a lie! Because i kill it!!!! "HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA"
Some say he is trying to escape from yuzi_k
Some say he is ron bruise cuz he is never online anymore
some say he left the planet........who knows
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I'm really confused. Why do the spaceships have their own forums?
because 7 "ate" 9
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I'm really confused. Why do the spaceships have their own forums?
Because they all are opening their ships to everyone....plus, they all have different personalities and fans who like to visit them.

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