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it sux cuz it is for nerdy kids who have nothing better to do but watch a gay show made so they can bring out those stupid cards and make money... liek u watch it and it doesnt make any sense at all, liek whythe **** would u go and rescue smeone with cards haha dragon ball z makes more sense then yu gi oh
It just does ok
Because you watch it.
Oh yeah, and because of the fact that the fate of the world depends on the twelve year old holding a deck of cards.

I mean really, that'd be like us using go fish to win world war II.

US:Hmm Hitler, got any 5's?


US:NOOOO! We're down 20 men you germen basterd!


I bring all the nerdies to my yard
and they're like u wanna trade cards
damn right i wanna trade cards
ill trade u but not my charizard
I bring all the nerdies to my yard
and they're like u wanna trade cards
damn right i wanna trade cards
ill trade u but not my charizard
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Yu-gi-oh sucks because it's censored and it's just does.What is funny though is I got a deck of really good yu-gi-oh cards and I sell them to kids for high pricees so it at least can earn me some extra cash.
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yu-gi-oh sucks because...

1. they use too much starch in their coats.(seto kaiba aka mr starch)
2. yugi cheats (he has a damn spirit when things get too tough for him)
3.joey is retarded
4.duke was the only interesting one untill he became tristons butt monkey
5.its pieces of damn cardboard
6. theres a million different types of each card... its worse then pokemon for making up more crap
7.has anyone seen the movie? it wasnt even made for japan... it was made for america crying so noooo effort was put in...maybe the use of the burn tool XP

have i missed anything?
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Why should 4kids rot in hell?

They screwed up One Piece so badily it ruined the series for me! scream scream scream
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:Roll: Better topic: Why does the Naruto dub suck? Why should 4kids rot in hell?

cuz the writers seriusly suck at their jobs, and fan girls bug the hell outa me
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:Roll: Better topic: Why does the Naruto dub suck? Why should 4kids rot in hell?

Same story with Naruto: Censored.

Yes! At least in the Japanese one he isn't saying "believe it" the whole time. And there is absolutelly no blood in the english one!
I hate 4kids. And not just because of their crappy dubbing... =|
They're just a bunch of dickweeds who need to be slapped -_-;

Who agrees they should make dvds of Yugioh, Naruto, Pokemon..etc...that are not cut down to the point that they are childish?

I know they started making ones of Yugioh but they stopped it for some reason =.=;
I think they have some of DBZ too...

Oh, lay off! In Japanese he says "Dattendiyo" or whatever. It's the same thing. Both the Naruto voice played but woman. Both are loud and annoied. Both fit Naruto PERFECTLY!
If you want it uncersoned you'll just have to go undrground or watch it in jap. The dubbing isn't all that bad, and it's not all there is it the show. If you don't like it watch something esle! scream

~On subject:

Yugioh doesn't suck...it's just annoing over time. That happens to to series that run too long. I still like it more then Pokemon though.
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Why should 4kids rot in hell?

They screwed up One Piece so badily it ruined the series for me! scream scream scream
One Piece is a little better on Toonami on Cartoon Network on Saturdays.But No matter what Adult Swim is still the best of the best when they don't have s**t like Pee Wee's ******** *****) and other dumb s**t on like Morel Oral,and Perfect Hair Forever and the other junk.Adult Swim does play good anime though like Full Metal Alchemist,Eureka Seven,Samurai Champloo,Big O, and Bleach.
The card game is fun, the series is bleh, I like the OLD Yugi, That's right the OLD one who goes berserk and mentally ******** people.

Those were the good times when they never had any "I'mma take over the world biznatches! With cards!!! MUAHAHA, FEAR MY CARDS NOOBZORZ!!"
Kaiba was the only one obsessed with the cards back then. And his Hologram system was more deadly....and he actually tried to KILL people.

But those who say "Yu-Gi-Oh Sucks" are just plain stupid themselves.
I mean, come on, Yu-Gi-Oh isn't extremely repetetive and annoying as InuYasha.

Frankly, InuYasha should be the one that sucks. 3nodding
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lets see its about cards
This forum is completely out of place, but regaurdless...

Yu-Gi-Oh! does not suck.

Before you go judging it, why don't you try ACTUALLY looking up into the REAL thing, rather than the American dub?

4Kids Production BUTCHERED YuGiOh! Mercilessly. They turned it into a little kid's show with an annoying yet very strategic and complex card game that is clearly meant for young adults.
The art is terrific, the gameplay is terrific, yet people like you mock it because in the American version, its been disgustingly modified for younger viewers to watch when it is originally meant for teenagers.

Don't believe me? Visit http://www.yu-jyo.net/ they have an episode guide that compares the English version to the Japanese version and reveals all the crap that 4Kids Production did to it.

In the original version created by Kazuki Takahashi, there was a season before Duelist Kingdom that was also made in the anime but never released into America as it was way too violent. In fact, in Japan, YuGiOh is suggested for people 17 years and up. Anyway, in the first season, there's a lot of blood and a lot of attempts to murder Yugi. For example, Seto Kaiba sets up a big "amusement park" that goes through a good many trials where Yugi must win otherwise he'll be killed - in one he has to fight in a sort of laser tag game where the other team has ACTUAL lasers and they are assassins, war heroes, and convicts with mad shooting skills. In another, Yugi and his friends are forced onto a sort of roller coaster where they get seated into chairs like electric chairs where, if they make any noises during the ride, they'll be zapped with 10,000,000 electric volts, and they're going through a sort of graveyard-themed track, Jounouchi(I believe he's known as Joey in the American dub) desperately fears stuff like this, and is only saved when he passes out like a pansy (XD He's my fav charrie, too)

Anyway. If you still think YuGiOh sucks, I suggest going out and skimming through the original season of mangas before you judge it. Seriously. Don't mock something you don't know completely about. Grow up and quit acting so immature and making fun of a strategic game that you don't like just because you're sore because you're probably to incompitent to understand it.

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