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This topic is for everthing about UFO 07, also known as Glarg
Any information you have on him would be greatly appriecated and I will post it in the 'Annoucements' quote.

About Glarg
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Glarg has been on peaceful terms since day one with us, though not as outgoing as his brother Flarn.
Soon after making himself known, he joined GIB as an ambassador for the Zurg Nation, promoting peace.

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As of recent events, little has been heard from Glarg, and I hope that he will continue his goal of peace between Zurg and Gaians.



Glarg's Likes


Glarg's Dislikes



Just Post in the Topic and request to join the list!

Deadly Seduction



Loyal Friends
Art Work

Possible ID cards Anyone?
+--*coughs* Already been done. *coughs*

Forgive me, but awhile back I already did a forum just like this. ^_^'' PErhaps you would like to join in? It's called -The official 07 stalking thread-. I hope to see you.--+
I guess I'll stick around here for now xD
Hello? Anyone on?

Come join Glarg's group ^.^
hey, like your face.
hey, like your face.

Erm... I'll take that as a compliment? xD

Join Glarg's Friend Group? =D
I'm so lonely... Oh so lonely xD
You know you like Glarg and wish to join ninja
I ish feel alone o.O

Rosellas #9:[Runs down field toward goal, passes to #12] WHITE POWER!
Rosellas #12:[ Shoots for a goal] WHITE POWER!


Guess Who xd

Me, Sharks #5: [Runs in, Deflects ball of chest then clears it to the right wing.] Wog power Mother [********]

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