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hello everyone i need zurgs to come and join this and to take down the akatsuki of gaia


Reservist Division

How to become a member? Just post up that you want to be one. However to join the nine members of the Akatsuki team you must fill in certain requirements.


Academy Students:





Akatsuki (Only 10 spots left!!)) none Akatuski spots taken!!:
~itachiuchiha777, Leader, ring position: Right Thumb.~
~, Ring Position: Right Ring Finger~
~, Ring Position: Right Middle Finger~
~, Ring Position: Left Index Finger~
~, Ring Position: Left Little Finger
~, Ring Position: Left Ring Finger
~, Ring position: Right Little Finger
~, Ring position: Right Index Finger
~, Ring Position: Left Thumb
~, Ring Position: Left Middle Finger


How do you move up in the ranks? Well it's simple you just show dedication, and devotion to our impending war on the gaians. Also you can take a test to join the Akatsuki 10 members.

Joining requirements for nine members.

1. You must have your uniform at all times while posting here. Your uniform will consist of only three things; a mask (whichever you want), a silver or gold promise ring (1k in the store), and finally hand wraps (800g in the store). The neccesity for this? Our enemy cannot know our face, our fists must be ready for battle, and the ring is just Akatsuki requirement. Live with it. Rings can be provided to you by your leader at a mere price of 800g as well as Hand Wraps for 600. That's 200g off store prices on each item.


2. You must know which ring and your position on the statue for the Akatsuki. Also you must choose your ring position.

3. You must prove a thirst for battle and readiness to battle the gaians and any other enemies of the Akatsuki if the time comes.

4. Yes there is a cheating way to move up the ranks without having to move through Student, Genin, Chuunin, and Jonin, Sanninl, and then finally Akatsuki. How is it possible? By simply donating gold to me itachi, the Akatsuki's goal was initially money before we decided to get into this gaian business and money is still my main priority.

~200g gets you to Genin
~500g gets you to Chuunin
~1k gets you to Jonin
~3k gets you Sannin
~4k gets you to Akatsuki level as well as a complimentary ring, hockey mask, and hand wraps.
~Anything over that gets you Kage status which comes with your own special privilages in the thread such as moderating, White listing, ownership of your own village, which I will display on the thread, as well as special updates before anyone has them for possible contests in the future.

That's about it to join. Now on to rings.

Please remember this is the Reservist Division. If you wish to have peace with the gaians then continue on down and apply for the Pacifist Division.

thank you for your time we will become strong.
+--A strong leader must be wise... A strong leader should also have strong grammar.--+
look i copied this form from my friend so do you want to join
I want to join ^_^ ( *loves Akatsuki, Deidara ish her fav person from akatsuki, so is kisame*)
good so what do you want to be
look i copied this form from my friend so do you want to join
+-- I'm apart of the GIB, so I have to stay nuetral. I don't want to join... None the less, your grammar still sucks.--+
me too I want to be in sasori's place -I dont know what finger that is-
+--However... May I ask you a question?--+
Can I be my own character? (I have one created that I usually rp with)
me too I want to be in sasori's place -I dont know what finger that is-[/quotefine but you have to take the test first or 4k wait
Akatsuki Test

Have uniform ready, answer all questions below.

1. How many Bijuu have the Akatsuki captured?

2. How many days does it take for the Akatsuki to complete a Bijuu extraction without Orochimaru?

3. Which Akatsuki member has defected?

4. Which Akatsuki member spied on Naruto and Sasuke's battle?

5. What is Sasori of the Red Sands ultimate Technique?

6. What is unique about Kakuzu's body?

7. What is Tobi known as to one of Zetsu's personalities?

8. How much was Chiriku's bounty when Kakuzu and Hidan captured him?

9. How many elements does Kakuzu control?

10. What are the strengths and weaknesses of the elements?

11. How many Akatsuki members are known to have immortality traits?

12. Which member of the Akatsuki is a cannibal?

13. Who was Sasori's subordinate in Orichimaru's inner circle?

14. What group of skilled sword ninja was Kisame in before joining Akatsuki?

15. Itachi needs to move what to start a Genjutsu?

16. How many Kazekage's had Chiyo accused Sasori of murdering or aiding in murdering?

17. Who was Orochimaru's experiment who has The First Hokage's blood cells?

18. How many members can be in the Akatsuki in all?

19. Who defeated Gaara in the Akatsuki?

20. What is the name of Deidara's ultimate bomb?

21. What is Hidan's religion?

22. Why does Kakuzu deal with Hidan's religion?

23. How much was Asuma's bounty?

24. Kakuzu is driven by morals, True or False? If False give the right answer.

25. What are Chiyo's best puppets?

26. Which puppets kill Sasori?

27. Which are Sasori's two favorite puppets?

28. What does Deidara refer Sasori as?

5. What did Deidara do to Tobi when he made a joke?

29. Who found Sasori's ring first?

30. What are the animal faces on Kakuzu's masks?

31. Which is the most recent Bijuu captured?

32. What are all the names of the Bijuu?

33. What is the name of the Jutsu used to seal the Bijuu?

34. What are the different types of Bijuu

SEND THIS ON PM TITLED THE NAME OF THE TEST. Let it also be known that this is the Akatsuki Reservist Division. If you want to have peace go down to the Pacifist Division...
The Akatsuki Organization
Akatsuki The Akatsuki kanji means daybreak, breaking down the word itself gives us "aka" meaning red (a common color in the group) and "tsuki" meaning moon. This Organization is a collection of S-Ranked criminals. Many of these are missing-nins who fled their villages after causing death and destruction. With the departure of Orochimaru and the death of Sasori, there were 8 Akatsuki members. The group replaced Sasori with raw recruit Tobi, who was eager to do his part. Most members wear a forehead protector from their hidden village with a scratch through it, and all seem to wear a ring identifying their position in the organization and a black cloak with red clouds.

When the organization members leave to travel the country they will work in groups of two collecting knowledge of new skills and jutsu. Their ultimate goal is to control the world; this will be accomplished through three steps. Step One is for the group to attain money. Step Two is to create the first mercenary group. Shinobi villages make money for their country, and for the money to be steady it requires war. Because there have not been any large scale wars in approximately the last decade, the ninja villages were being reduced in size. The Five Great Shinobi Villages could handle the downtrend, but the smaller villages could not. Akatsuki will form their own fighting force with no country allegiance. With this force they will undercut all the other villages and fight their battles for cheap. Then using the bijuu they can create new battles and new wars and gain a monopoly over the whole market. In the end they plan to control all the wars and be powerful enough to even collapse the shinobi villages of the large countries, forcing them to rely on Akatsuki as well. With all that in hand, the group can achieve Step Three, to control the world.

Their goal is far reaching and it requires the capturing of the bijuu and "jinchuuriki," meaning the power of human sacrifice. These are the individuals possessing bijuu (tailed beasts) within their bodies. The demons are known by the number of tails their body possesses. Shukaku is the One-Tailed Tanuki, Nibi is the Two-Tailed Cat, Sanbi is the Three-Tailed Turtle and Kyuubi is the Nine-Tailed Fox. The only known jinchuuriki are Uzumaki Naruto, Gaara of the Sand and Nii Yugito. Gaara along with two unknown Jinchuuriki have had their Bijuu removed. All three lost their lives but Gaara was resurrected with a tensei jutsu. Yugito has also been captured by the group and is awaiting Bijuu extraction. At some point after Gaara's capture and before Yugito's, the group managed to capture and seal away another Bijuu. It is unknown if this was a wild bijuu or a Jinchuuriki. Akatsuki's current base of operation is unknown. Previously they met at a cave in the River Country. This cave was later destroyed.

Their previous cave base was used to house the gigantic statute called the king of hell. His mouth is bound and his hands are cuffed. Each respective finger of the statue's hand represents the Akatsuki member. Each statue finger thus represents the kanji and ring finger of the member. The members have the ability to project their presence into the cave, this allows them to remain out and about and still conduct the business of jinchuuriki demon extraction within the cave. This process takes three day and nights due to the absence of Orochimaru. This length of time goes for both free roaming bijuu and bijuu enhanced jinchuuriki. To begin to leach the power from the jinchuuriki, the members will use the sealing technique of GenryuuKyuu Fuujin (Mystical Dragon Nine Exhaustion). This causes the mouth of the statute to open. Nine spectral dragons will emerge to coalesce around the jinchuuriki to begin the extraction process. When extraction is completed, the bijuu spirit will be sealed within the statute and one of its eyes will open denoting a captured bijuu spirit. The Jinchuuriki themselves will fall back to the earth, dead.
The Gear
Ring and Manicure
Ring Drawn from ancient Chinese and Japanese lore, the kanji on each ring have served in the past as representations of Gods, to help in concentration before battle and in protection from evil. Their ring placement on their finger corresponds to their position on the summoned statute, with each member wearing the ring on a different finger. The rings seem important to each member, as Deidara was set on finding his when it was lost. Orochimaru also took his when he left the group, which apparently denied the group the ability to replace him with someone new. With Sasori's death, Tobi was eager to get his ring and join, but he would need to go through their entrance requirements first.

The Akatsuki member also has manicured finger and toe nails, painted a light shade of purple.
Forehead Protector
Protector Each member wears the traditional forehead protector of the hidden village from which they fled. The protector has been modified though to bear a large scratch through the symbol, showing they no longer hold the same ideals their village does.
Cloak Each member wears a black cloak that bears red clouds. The inside of the cloak is red in color. The cloak is knee length and has a high collar. Underneath the cloak the ninja is seen to wear the more traditional clothing of their home village.
Hat Members wear a traditional bamboo hat (kasa) to hide their appearance when traveling. The hat will be removed when the member enters battle.
The Members
Unnamed Member
Unnamed Member First Manga Teaser Appearance: Ch. 238
First Anime Teaser Appearance: Ep. 135
Hidden Village: ?
Ring: Rei (Zero)
Finger Position: Right Thumb
Info: This individual seems to act as the leader of the group. He has been adamant that the group can fulfill their desires if they finally possess the bijuu. He also was responsible for summoning the huge statute which holds the spirits of bijuu withdrawn from Jinchuuriki.
Deidara First Manga Appearance: Ch. 247
First Anime Teaser Appearance: Ep. 135
Hidden Village: Rock
Ring: Sei (Blue-Green)
Finger Position: Right Index
Note: Deidara's gender is currently unknown
Info: Deidara is from Hidden Rock. He and his partner Sasori were responsible for capturing the One-Tail Jinchuuriki Gaara. Deidara utilizes mouths on his palms to create small clay creatures to which he can give life. He lost both arms in battles, but seemed to shrug it off. One arm was later reattached, potentially due to Kakuzu's tendril threads.
Unnamed Member
Unnamed Member First Manga Teaser Appearance: Ch. 238
First Anime Teaser Appearance: Ep. 135
Hidden Village: ?
Ring: Byaku (White)
Finger Position: Right Middle
Info: This unnamed Akatsuki member had trouble locating his or her Jinchuuriki. This individual sought to fight Team Gai and Kakashi when they were tracking the group. Hoshigaki Kisame told the leader he would like to go instead, since he had an old score to settle with Gai. The leader agreed and both Kisame and Itachi were sent out. The dejected member once again lost out.
Uchiha Itachi
Itachi First Manga Appearance: Ch. 139
First Anime Appearance: Ep. 80
Hidden Village: Leaf
Ring: Shu (Scarlet)
Finger Position: Right Ring
Info: After murdering everyone in his clan, Uchiha Itachi fled his village and joined Akatsuki. Itachi is partnered with Hoshigaki Kisame. They have been assigned to capture the Nine-Tails Jinchuuriki Naruto. They have attempted to capture Naruto once, and are likely waiting for the right moment to try again.
Zetsu First Manga Appearance: Ch. 234
First Anime Appearance: Ep. 134
Hidden Village: Grass
Ring: Kai (Boar)
Finger Position: Right Little
Info: Zetsu appears venus-fly trap-like in appearance. His main body is split into two halfs, both light and dark. He appeared to be traveling alone when he spied on Naruto and Sasuke's battle at the Valley of the End. For a period he was teamed with non-Akatsuki member Tobi. Once Tobi was admitted into the group, it appears Zetsu once again works alone.
Orochimaru (Former Member)
Orochimaru First Manga Appearance: Ch. 49
First Anime Appearance: Ep. 27
Hidden Village: Sound
Ring: Sora (Sky)
Finger Position: Left Little
Info: After he was not picked to be the Fourth Hokage Orochimaru began to engage in forbidden jutsu. He then fled Leaf and joined Akatsuki. He was partnered with Sasori during this period. He began to become wary of Itachi's power, so he left Akatsuki and founded Hidden Sound. He took his ring with him.
Hoshigaki Kisame
Kisame First Manga Appearance: Ch. 139
First Anime Appearance: Ep. 80
Hidden Village: Mist
Ring: Minami (South)
Finger Position: Left Ring
Info: Kisame engaged in murder and rebellion in his home country, fleeing Mist he joined Akatsuki. Kisame is partnered with Uchiha Itachi. They have been assigned to capture the Nine-Tails Jinchuuriki Naruto. They have attempted to capture Naruto once, and are likely waiting for the right moment to try again.
Kakuzu First Manga Appearance: Ch. 312
First Anime Teaser Appearance: Ep. 135
Hidden Village: Waterfall
Ring: Hoku (North)
Finger Position: Left Middle
Info: Kakuzu is a missing-nin from Hidden Waterfall. He and his partner Hidan were responsible for acquiring the Two-Tailed Jinchuuriki. He is a bounty hunter who often gets sidetracked on bounty hunts. His body is stitched together by strange tendrils which he can use to rip out the hearts of his opponents and then insert into his own body. This then grants him their elemental affinities in the form of masked tendril entities. Along with his own Water affinity, he has access to Wind, Fire, Earth and Lightning attacks.
Hidan First Manga Appearance: Ch. 312
First Anime Teaser: Ep. 135
Hidden Village: Unnamed
Ring: San (Three)
Finger Position: Left Index
Info: Hidan bears a large rope scythe and he admits that he is the slowest attacker of the group. He hails from some as of yet unknown village. He and his partner Kakuzu were responsible for acquiring the Two-Tailed Jinchuuriki. Hidan practices a evil god cult religion named Jashin. This religion loves chaos and death, and Hidan himself is near immortal, surviving after being decapitated. On one of Kakuzu's side bounty trips, he killed Sarutobi Asuma in battle using some unknown jutsu which allows damage to himself to be felt by his opponent.
Akasuna no Sasori (Former Member - Deceased)
Sasori First Manga Appearance: Ch. 247
First Anime Appearance: Ep. 135
Hidden Village: Sand
Ring: Tama (Sphere)
Finger Position: Left Thumb
Current Status: Deceased
Info: Sasori (meaning scorpion) traveled with Deidara from Hidden Rock. He was a legendary puppet master from Hidden Sand who left his village approximately 20 years before the start of the series. Sasori converted portions of his body into puppet parts, retaining a flesh and blood portion of his original self in a chest container. He used the "hitokugutsu" method to turn people into puppets while still alive, allowing him to use their jutsu even after their "death." He fell in battle to Chiyo and Sakura, hesitating to not avoid the lethal strike of his parents who had been made into puppets.
Tobi First Manga Appearance: Ch. 280
First Anime Teaser Appearance: Ep. NA
Hidden Village: Unknown
Ring: Tama (Sphere) [speculation]
Finger Position: Left Thumb
Info: Tobi was an associate of Zetsu. He appears clumsy and is very polite in his speech. After Sasori was killed in battle, Tobi was eager to replace Sasori as a new member of Akatsuki. He eventually succeeded and apparently took over Sasori's position in the group. He also is now partnered with Deidara.
+--Since you're online, I'll just ask. Are you aware that there is already an Akatsuki group siding for the defense of Gaia?--+

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